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Carlos, smiling in nursing lab coat



Carlos McCulloch is a senior in the Kitty DeGree School of Nursing.  He is a native of Shreveport.

I have one younger brother named Dominique and an older sister named Marquita.

I am a member of the Student Nurses Association and Kappa Alpha Psi. I like to create music and play recreational basketball pick-up games for fun. 

Carlos and AceI selected ULM based on the good reviews I received, specifically regarding ULM's School of Nursing, which has excellent NCLEX passing percentages. I have always had an interest in a medical profession, and ULM has provided me with that opportunity.

I plan to graduate from ULM School of Nursing, practice as an RN-BSN, then proceed into a specialty area (preferably emergency care unit or cardiac nursing). I may apply to a Certified Nurse Anesthetist program. The options are endless, which is another reason I selected this profession, aside from the therapeutic interactions with people. 

My favorite spot on campus is the seventh floor of the library. It keeps me in a motivated mindset. Also, it applies to my basic philosophy that the view and quality of life is far more enormous from an elevated point of view. Looking out the window into the surrounding atmosphere gives me a more broad outlook on life, in contrast to a simplified ground view.

One of my favorite professors is Dr. Florencetta Gibson. I did not actually get the opportunity to be lectured by her in the class setting, but she taught me some valuable professional life lessons. She helped me realize that you should not fall to failure, but continue to remain positive and professional in all circumstances. Remaining in those elements will help expose you to the exquisite sides of life.

My favorite ULM memories are getting accepted into the School of Nursing and into my fraternity. It was hard to decide between the two, so I choose both memories. They each provided holistic experiences that help make me who I am today.

ULM has helped me grow in many areas : education, philosophy, professionalism, and the drive for a better quality of life. I view ULM as a miniature world because there is so much rich cultural diversity one can experience.

I really enjoy people and learning from social interactions. Each person's philosophy has some valuable lesson that you can apply to your life.