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Cathi Kendrick of Downsville graduated from ULM with a psychology degree in December 2007. She later returned to ULM with a different career in mind.


After I graduated with a psychology degree in 2007, I was accepted into a master’s program in occupational therapy at another institution. After only one grueling semester, I learned that my "dream career" wasn’t for me. I moved back to Downsville and took some time to find myself and explore additional career possibilities. Almost three years, a husband, and a daughter later, I realized what I wanted to do. 


Cathi HendrickI enrolled at ULM in January 2011 to take the courses required to become a Certified Public Accountant. I finished the required courses in May 2012, and I have already taken the first section of the CPA exam. 


I am a mother to a beautiful three-year-old daughter, Kelsey. She is the light of my world and the reason I strive to become a better person. Going back to school as a mom was very challenging, and I am proud of my achievements since becoming a mother. To anyone contemplating going back to school to further his or her education as a non-traditional student or parent: I highly advise it. The work is hard, but the feeling of accomplishment in the end, along with a high-paying job, makes it worth your while! 


The professors in the College of Business provide a support system both inside and outside the classroom; this cannot be found at larger universities. Many of my professors served as mentors. My background in psychology helped tremendously. Not only did it help me succeed in my other courses, but I find that I can tie relevant behavioral knowledge to my everyday life. 


I obtained my first post-baccalaureate job (auditing position for KPMG in Shreveport) by attending the College of Business networking event, “Meet the Firms,” which provides accounting majors with the opportunity to network. ULM also offered many networking events that I attended. I believe that networking is essential in order to gain entrance into the corporate world. I also joined Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting organization involved in philanthropic and professional activities.  


I maintained my relationships with my teachers, and they have helped me even after my college career. Much of my professional success can be attributed to my professors (in both psychology and business), and to the leadership within the College of Business and ULM as a whole. 


My favorite spot on campus is the third floor of the library overlooking the bayou. The view was so serene and made me appreciate the beautiful campus with which ULM was blessed.  


If I could describe ULM in three words, they would be: U - Unique; L - Local; M - Maroon. 


I would advise students to research the courses required for their majors. I never liked science, yet I initially had a major that was science-based. I have always loved math and organizational skills, which is why I love accounting. Choose a major based on the basic underlying subjects and skills that you enjoy and do well. This may seem basic, but it can save much time and money. 


Keep an open mind and try to learn something from each person you encounter. Always have a smile on your face because you never know who might be watching, and you will truly be happier. Never act in a way that would burn bridges of any sort, because you never know later in life when you might need someone.