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Chlesea Wyatt




Chelsea Wyatt is a sophomore psychology major from Monroe.


How she chose ULM: I made a list of schools all over the state of Louisiana and did my research and I found out that ULM has so much to offer and is a great University. So, I did my advantages and disadvantages list and my advantages for coming to ULM outweighed the disadvantages.


Her inspiration for choosing psychology: Over the summer I did community service in rehabilitation centers around Monroe, and I saw so many children and families need counseling in their lives. I wanted to pursue psychology so that I could reach out to those who are in need of someone who will listen.


Chelsea is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA), Peer Leaders, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)


Chelsea’s philosophy: I believe it is important to be involved on campus so that you can get a feel for working with a diverse group of people. Also, staying involved keeps your mind balanced between schoolwork and having a social life outside of your courses.


I like that Monroe is not a huge city. I like that it is a comfortable setting where literally everyone knows everyone!


MPhoto of Chelsea Wyatty family has a long relationship with ULM. My parents, uncles, aunts, and many, many cousins have attended ULM as well!


When I graduate I want to come back to the fabulous ULM and get my master’s degree and be a Mental Health Professional (MHP) and work in the rehabilitation centers in Monroe and counsel adolescents and adults. Then, I would like to come back and earn my Ph.D. in psychology and teach at ULM. I expect to earn my undergraduate degree in 2016.


My favorite class taken at ULM has been Introduction to Psychology my freshman year, and Mrs. Brooke Keels had a distinct impact on me. Her excitement to teach, her humorous personality, and her love for making sure students understood what was going on gave me that extra boost of excitement to want to stay in school as a psychology major! Thanks so much Mrs. Keels!


Since coming to ULM I have learned that you do not have to be loved by everyone your first year. I would say to myself, “For the love of God Chelsea, give it some time and make yourself acquainted with other students and try loving someone else instead!”


As a Peer Leader, my proudest moment thus far has been being able to see over 1300 freshman come through convocation this year. I was so excited to lead my group over to Fant-Ewing Coliseum and let them know how exciting their first year was going to be!


I have had my most fun being on the Homecoming Court! It is such an exciting feeling to know that your peers and your classmates really admire you and choose you to represent them. Being able to walk across the football field and smile is the best feeling ever! 


My favorite spot on campus is The Quad/ Scott Plaza because it is set right in the middle of campus where you can see all of the amazing ULM Warhawks walking back and forth to class, and it is where most of the school events are held throughout the year such as, campaigning, bake sales, prayer circles and much more.


My advice for students thinking about going to college would be if you have that feeling deep down in your heart to further your education I would say, “Go for it and don’t look back!” Always make sure that you are financially stable and you are mentally prepared to take on a very important task.


If I could describe ULM in three words, they would be diverse, spirited, and advanced.