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Tyler by the bayou



Tyler Gahagan of Monroe attended Ouachita Parish High School. He is a 23-year-old senior majoring in construction management.


I have two younger brothers—Champy, 22, and Trevor, 16.


Tyler by the Bayou

ULM is located in the hometown where I was raised. Many of my friends from high school came here, and it is where I felt comfortable. On top of that, ULM's School of Construction Management turned out to be an amazing program that offers its graduates multiple ways to succeed in the working world.


I'm currently a completion cadet within the ULM ROTC program. Being so involved in a program like ROTC has really help strengthened my skills as a leader and has given me a huge level of responsibility. The lessons I've learned through ROTC, ULM, and as an enlisted soldier have certainly benefited my personal life. I always strive for professionalism.


My overall professional goal is to become a project manager with a successful construction company. My ultimate goal is to earn a comfortable living for myself and my future family, wherever my career takes me.


My favorite spot on campus is the construction building lobby. In that little square room, I've shared hundreds of laughs with my fellow construction management majors. It's always an easygoing environment to be in, no matter who is around. 


One of my favorite professors is Dr. Bobby Ensminger. He has shown me a professor can have an easygoing demeanor, yet still command a huge level of respect from his students. His real world experience in the construction field directly influences his teaching style. He is full of helpful information.


My favorite ULM memory was the moment I received my scholarship with the ULM Army ROTC.  I can't put into words how happy I was when I signed the contract, granting me a way to fund my education. 


ULM has shown me there are numerous walks of life. The experiences that I've shared with all of those other students taught me to be very open minded and accepting to other walks of life. 


If I had to describe ULM in three words, those words would be: "Place For Opportunity"


One thing most people don't know about me is I live by the creed that there is "always a reason" for everything in life. I'm proud to say I have a tattoo that bares those words to keep me reminded of that belief.