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ULM TRiO Program

Parental Empowerment Program

Grade 9

• Path to College

As part of our communication with parents, this mail out includes a brochure entitled

College Preparation Checklist.  This brochure details a "to do" list to help their child

prepare academically and financially for education beyond high school.  Also included

in this package is specific information regarding the state sponsored scholarship, TOPS,

Taylor Opportunity Program for Students.


Grade 10

• Student Success

This brochure outlines important educational websites containing the most useful and

up to date information available for parents of students who plan to enroll in college.

Included are websites on financial planning, college prep sites, and career exploration.


Grade 11

• FAFSA 4Caster Hall Pass

This brochure assists parents and their children in completing the FAFSA online, and

provides an 'estimator' that can be used before officially applying for financial aid. This

can predict exactly what information will be needed to complete the actual FAFSA, and

potentially how much aid will be offered.

• Do You Need Money for College?

This handout reviews the types of federal financial aid offered for the 2013-2014 school

year in detail: what requirements or qualifications are necessary to receive each form of

aid, and how much money is offered within each

Grade 12

• Next Stop? College!

As part of our communication with parents, this mail out includes a brochure entitled

Next Stop? College! This brochure provides a detailed outline of what graduating seniors

and their parents can be doing currently to prepare for college in the coming months.

This flyer provides a timeline of the necessary steps to successfully enroll a graduating

high school senior into college.

• Parent Financial Aid Workshop and FAFSA Assistance

This workshop will provide an overview of financial aid available (TOPS, grants,

scholarships, and loans) and will assist parents and students with applying for the FAFSA

online. Computer lab is required.