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Educational Technology Leadership Graduate Program at ULM (100% Online)
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Availability of EDIT Courses: "Course Rotation"

Getting Advised

Common Questions

Advising Checklist

Updating Progress In Your Degree Plan

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IMPORTANT: Register For Graduation At The Start Of Your Last Semester

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Educational Technology Graduate Program Description
The ULM graduate program in Educational Technology Leadership (Non-P-12) is based on a core curriculum of 36 academic hours of graduate credit. This program does NOT require a teaching certificate. Educational Technology leaders have a direct impact on the planning and utilization of technology for learning, teaching, and training, especially with strategies that apply best web-based practices ("eLearning" and "Instructional Design"). The mission of this program is to make a significant and long-lasting positive impact on learning and professional training by promoting and enhancing professional excellence through authentic project-based learning experiences.  

This is the degree program: Program of Study for Educational Technology Leadership, Non_P-12  

In this Educational Technology Leadership program, you will develop and apply Internet-based technology skills and methodologies for learning and training applications in public and private organizations. This program focuses on the completion of challenging projects that address and apply professional competencies in "eLearning" and "Instructional Design".

Unless a professional technology-rich portfolio is submitted, or an equivalent graduate course is accepted, new candidates in the Educational Technology programs are expected to take EDFN 5024, Utilization of Instructional Technologies, a foundation course for integrating technology within a curriculum, as a prerequisite requirement.

Education Ranked in Top 5 In Demand Careers Though 2018
In the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (2010 - 2011) the projected job growth through 2018 is most pronounced in the field of  Education. That is, the greatest number of job openings will occur over the next few years in Education. The highest demand career, with the fastest growth in this top category is Educational Technology (with a growth rate of 23%).

How To Apply
For application information, please contact the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. The phone number is: (318) 342-1246. Also, general information for applying for the Master's Degree program in Educational Technology Leadership is provided at this location:  http://www.ulm.edu/onlinedegrees/med_ed_tech_leadership.html  

Availability Of EDIT Courses: "Course Rotation"
Candidates can enter the program during any semester. There is a "course rotation", as shown below; most courses are offered only once each year in a "course rotation". If you take all courses, when offered, you will maintain your scholarship or financial aid eligibility and be able to graduate in one calendar year. Please plan your coursework accordingly.

Note: Make sure that you have taken EDFN 5024 (not shown here), as a prerequisite course for this degree program, or provide approved documentation of its equivalent. EDFN 5024 can be taken during any semester of your degree program; this particular course is offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer. To get advised, send your edited/updated degree program attached to an email with your ULM student email account. You will be advised to take the following required courses:

EDIT 5025, Instructional Telecommunications  (3 hours) Fall/2014
EDIT 5027, Trends In Instructional Technology  (3 hours) Fall/2014
EDIT 6025, Design And Development Of Multimedia And Interactive Instruction  (3 hours) Fall/2014
EDIT 5028, Instructional (Online) Media Development  (3 hours) Spring/2014
EDIT 6028, Advanced Telecommunications (LMS Management)  (3 hours) Spring/2014
EDIT 6027, Technology Planning And Administration  (3 hours) Spring/2014
CURR 5006, Practical Applications Of Learning Theories  (3 hours)  Maymester/2014
EDIT 6030, Social Media Applications  (3 hours) Summer I /2014
EDIT 6080, Instructional Technology Research, Evaluation, And Assessment  (3 hours) Summer I /2014
CURR 5018, Technology Integration And Portfolio Development  (3 hours)   Summer II /2014
EDIT 5055, Instructional Design And Program Development  (3 hours)  Summer II /2014
EDIT 6083, Educational Technology Professional Internship  (3 hours)
During your LAST semester of course work, enroll in this independent professional internship. Also, make sure to apply for graduation, as described below.
LAST Semester

Getting Advised
To register for courses, you need to update your "degree program"; your degree program is a list of courses you need to successfully complete in order to graduate. Click on this link to download and edit your degree plan. The 1-page degree plan includes directions for editing. Please follow the directions to indicate which courses you are advised to take. After you edit your degree program document, email it as an attachment to your advisor. Use your warhawks.ulm.edu email account. If Dr. Mike Beutner is your advisor, use this email address: beutner@ulm.edu

Advising Checklist
IMPORTANT: Unless a course is listed in your particular degree program, or formally substituted, in writing by your advisor, for a course in your particular degree program, that course will NOT satisfy your program degree requirement. Don't assume that taking any graduate course will help you progress in your degree program; it won't.

Common Questions
Q. So, in order to get advised, I need to send to my advisor, by email, my updated degree plan. Right?
A. Right! Just email that one edited file, your "degree program" as an email attachment. Your edited degree program indicates which courses you are advised to take. Until you get advised, there will be an "online registration hold/flag" that prevents online registration. Within a day or so, your "advising flag will be lifted" so that you can register online for courses with "Banner". 

Q. If I have questions, should I call my advisor?
A. Absolutely! If I am your advisor, and if you call me but receive no answer, leave a voice mail message with this information: your name, and that you are a graduate student getting advised. Also, leave your phone number TWICE. You will receive a return phone call. 

Q. After I am advised, will I need to register my courses online, by myself, using "Banner"?
A. Yes. After you are advised, you need to register for your courses online. Access "Banner" by logging into your myULM account.

Q. If I take other courses, will I get credit for graduation?
A. No. Register only for courses that you were advised to take.

Q. How do I find all courses offered at ULM?
A. Use this link to view all courses offered at ULM.

Q. Do I need to take the prerequisite course called EDFN 5024 or something equivalent to it?
A. Yes. You need to take EDFN 5024, Utilization of Instructional Technologies, as a prerequisite course for this program or an equivalent graduate course... or provide equivalent documented professional experience that is approved in writing by your advisor. You can take EDFN 5024 flexibly, during your degree program.

Q. Is EDFN 5024 offered at ULM more than once each year?
A. Yes. This course is usually offered several times per year. 

Q. Are EDIT courses offered just once per year?
A. Yes. EDIT courses are offered once per year in a "course rotation".

Q. If I miss an EDIT course, can I take it the following year?
A. Yes. As you can see in the Educational Technology degree program, EDIT courses are offered just once each year: If you miss a course, you can take it again the following year, during the same semester.

Q. How do I register for my courses?
A. Register online using "Banner" using the unique 5-digit "CRN Number" for each course. For your convenience, courses that can satisfy your program requirement are listed at the bottom of this page with their "CRN numbers" or course registration numbers. To access your "Banner" account, click on this link:  https://my.ulm.edu/ 

Updating Progress In Your Degree Plan
Every time you are advised (twice each year), you are expected to update your degree plan. Please save the file; you will need it. This document is required for graduation requirements.

Registering For Courses
After the advising process is completed, your "advising flag on your Banner account will be lifted" so that you can register for your classes on "Banner", an online application that is accessible from your myULM account: myULM account link (links to webmail, Moodle (Online Courses), Banner (Registering For Courses). Financial Aid, and other online resources).  

Getting "CRN Numbers" Of Available Courses: Spring 2014 Courses

EDFN 5024, Utilization of Instructional Technologies [CRN Number: 60440], 3 hours, 100% online.
(Utilization of Instructional Technologies)       Note: This course is a prerequisite for this degree program; this course is offered at least twice each year. You can take this course at any time during your degree program.)

EDIT 5028, Instructional (Online) Media Development, [CRN Number: 61496]. 3 hours, 100% online.

EDIT 6028, Advanced Telecommunications (LMS Management), [CRN Number: 61497]. 3 hours, 100% online.

EDIT 6027, Technology Planning and Administration  [CRN Number: 62316]. 3 hours, 100% online.

EDIT 6083, Educational Technology Internship.  (You can only take this independent internship course during your last semester of course work. Contact your advisor for the CRN number because this is an arranged independent course.)

Q. What's a "CRN number" again?
A. A "CRN number" is a 5 digit number that describes a unique course in the ULM online catalog of courses. You need this number to register for a course in "Banner", an online registration program.  In myULM, select Banner; then, enter the "CRN number" to register for that course.

If you see a mistake or an omission, please send an email to beutner@ulm.edu  You will receive a "professional point"!  

Graduation Requirements 
Need Help?
Contact Mike Beutner at (318) 342-3142 or send email:   beutner@ulm.edu  or visit during my office hours.