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Résumé, Philosophy

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Wayne State University, 1969
Master of Arts, Wayne State University, 1970

2007 - present Professor of Art - ULM
1995 - 2007 Associate Professor of Art - ULM
1972 - 1995 Assistant Professor of Art - ULM
1970 - 1972 Adjunct Instructor - WSU Department of Art and Art History
1969 - 1972 Art Director/Production Manager - Detroit, Michigan

Primary responsibility for introductory, intermediate, and advanced graphic design, basic design, and art appreciation. Extensive teaching experience in weaving, metal-craft, three dimensional design, sculpture, and calligraphy (I have taught many calligraphy workshops through ULM Continuing Education).

I am an artist, teacher and designer, not necessarily in that order. For years I told people that I was a graphic designer and, "by the way, I teach at the university." It's how I saw myself. I don't exactly know when my viewpoint changed. I'm still an active designer, though sometimes less often. I still make art, but now I know that I'm a teacher. I find that my thinking, my reading, my experimentation, my exploration are all directed toward better teaching of art and design, and not exclusively toward better personal studio performance. I certainly maintain a broader view of art than I would if I was not teaching, and I delight in it.

My eclectic tastes in image, medium, and process must certainly be post-modern though I have great respect, admiration, and affinity for the modern mindset. My personal fine art style in drawing, painting and sculpture has generally been figurative and naturalistic, but there is a distinct and recurring passion for non-objective sculptural form, both static and kinetic.

As a graphic designer I am, as is the case with most designers, a generalist. However as a specialist, typography is my unique strength. My typographic experience, ability, and interest have encompassed calligraphy, handset foundry types, hot metal line casting, letterpress and offset lithographic printing, computer photo setting, digital laser and desktop publishing page makeup systems. I am fascinated by the printed word and passionate about letterforms. I have always been in awe of the intrinsic beauty of language, mankind’s greatest achievement, but its true significance would be diminished without the visual invention of the alphabet, subsequent development of typography, and high volume publishing. Carl Sagan so eloquently spoke of the book when he said, “For the price of a modest meal, you can contemplate the rise and fall of the Roman empire.” The visual beauty of our symbols of language astounds me. I find their versatility in size, weight, color, proportion, texture, and placement to be unrivaled as elements of design.

Not all art students become artists. In these cases one self-serving goal of teaching art could be to make the world more artist-friendly by directing people to become visually receptive to art and design, but there is a more serious goal. My students might become artists or... journalists, songwriters, filmmakers, novelists, accountants, lawyers, dentists, engineers, politicians or teachers. As ULM graduates they will become people of influence. They will, by their careers, their purchases, their memberships, their associations and their votes, guide and shape society well into the next generation. They will influence the design of consumer products, entertainment, highways, suburban and urban communities, airports, parks, governments and governing policies. What I do, can influence their influence, in a good and positive way. That is the power, and the promise, of teaching art.

Design is not a cosmetic addition. It is essential to survival. There is a desperate need for good design — for excellence, for good communication skills, for things to be done with purpose and conviction. One of the reasons I entered the design profession is that I saw so much bad design being done. I wanted to make a difference. Teaching art/design is the way to make a big difference. I can affect thousands of people with what I design, but I can affect millions of people with what my students will design.

Past programming experience with assembly language and BASIC.  PC software experience with DOS and WINDOWS, WordPerfect, Ventura Publisher, Aldus PageMaker, some experience with Aldus Freehand, and CORELDRAW. Extensive PowerMac experience with Netscape Composer, Microsoft Office, QuarkXPress, Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, PhotoShop, ImageReady, Illustrator, GoLive, and Dreamweaver).

Extensive tool experience in woodshop, metalshop, sculpture foundry, jewelry making, printshop, darkroom - stat camera, process camera, platemaker, professional serigraph (silkscreen) operations, automotive repair (Hey, I'm from Detroit), cabinet making, building construction, and home remodeling (Hey, I live in a house and so do my relatives)

Faculty Duties and Due Process Policies Committee

University Curriculum Committee

Academic Program Review Council

Advisor for graphic projects The Small Business Institute and The Louisiana Small Business Development Center, (direct two to five student teams each semester)

Design consultant for University graphic projects.

Web Development Committee.

Promotion Committee

Tenure Committee (Chair)

Arts and Sciences Technology Committee

Committee to form the School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Department of Art
Promotion Committee (Chair)

Tenure Committee (Chair)

Faculty Search Committee (Chair)

Student Portfolio Review Committee (Chair)

University Art Camp Committee

Coordinator, art student freelance design work

Director of Visual Arts computer lab

Member of the Bry Art Gallery Exhibition Committee.

Art juror, speaker and panelist for various art enterprises for the city of Monroe, Ouachita Parish schools, local and regional organizations.

Numerous projects as varied as logo design, architectural modeling, jewelry design, mural painting, and graphics of all kinds.

Design and maintain the ULM Department of Art web site.

Design and maintain the Louisiana Lyric Opera web site.

Design and maintain the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council web site.

Design and production of numerous and varied logos, award certificates, announcements, contracts, forms, and graphics for the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Visual and Performing Arts, and the Department of Art.

ULM Faculty Senator 1990-97

Design/Layout Faculty Senate letterhead, Faculty Senate Newsletter, and the Constitution of The Faculty Senate.

Logo Design for The University of Louisiana System.

Magazine graphic design and and art direction, Fall 1997 to Winter 2000, Art in Action, magazine published quarterly by the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council.

My wife, Terri, and I worked as consultants/designers on a major museum display for the World War II Exhibit which opened July 4, 1997. The Old Court House Museum in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

We also worked  as consultants/designers on the museum display for the Creole Architecture exhibit that opened in October of 1998. The Old Court House Museum in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Partner in exhibition design project on "Sabine Parish," City Hall, Zwolle, Louisiana. March - October, 2000.

Partner in exhibition design project (five rooms) on "Madison Parish"  Hermione Museum, Tallulah, Louisiana in preparation for visit by Dr. William Bird, Smithsonian Museum. January - February, 2001.

Design/layout, promotional brochures for ULM Concerts Series.

Design/layout, announcements and programs for ULM Christmas Madrigal Dinners.

Design, logo/banner, 25th Anniversary, Bible Research Center of the Emy- Lou Biedenharn Foundation.

Design and production of visual materials (announcements, forms, tags, certificates, awards), Annual High School Junior/Senior Juried Art Exhibitions.

Design and production of visual materials (announcements, forms, tags, certificates, awards), Annual ULM Juried Student Art Exhibitions.

Annual Art Faculty Exhibition, Bry Hall Gallery.

Creativity 80 Award, International Design Competition,
Art Direction Magazine, New York, 1981

Two Gold Addys and a Silver Citation for graphic design excellence at the Thirty-Third American Advertising Awards, sponsored by the Ad Club of Northeast Louisiana,
February 25, 1999.

2011 Mary Lee Milam Award
Northeast Louisiana Arts Council, for Service to the Arts
February 17, 2011.

Landscape Flower Gardening.
Ballroom dancing.