Math/Physics Subject Guide _______________________________________________

This guide contains call numbers, journals (print and electronic), databases, and Internet resources pertaining to math and related subjects. It's not exhaustive--just a way to get you started!


BC - Logic

QA - Math, Computer Science
QC - Physics


American Journal of Mathematics | QA 1.A51 - Serials Unbound, 1st Floor | v.120 (1998) - current

American Journal of Physics | QC 1.A47 - Serials Unbound, 1st Floor | v.66 (1998) - current

Annals of Mathematics | QA 1.A6 - Serials Unbound, 1st Floor | v.147 (1998) - current

Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society | QA 1.A52 - Serials Unbound, 1st Floor | v.35 (1998) - current

Journal of Applied Physics  | Online via the ULM Catalog | January 1985 - current [most recent 12 months not available]

Physics World | QC 1.R39 - Serials Unbound, 1st Floor | v.11 (1998) - current

Studies in Applied Mathematics | Online via the ULM Catalog | January 1998 - current [most recent 12 months not available]

Theory of Probability & Its Applications | Online via the ULM Catalog | March 1996 - current [most recent 12 months not available]


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  • ERIC
  • JSTOR (full-text)
  • MAS Ultra (full-text)
  • MathSciNet (full-text)
  • Primary Search (full-text)
  • Science & Technology Collection (full-text)


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