Management is what is required to organize and maintain anything, but in businesses it is so important that the term "business" is almost synonymous with it. Not everyone who becomes a manager intended to become a manager; re-organization can lead to people falling into such positions. Being more proactive than that and setting out to do it specifically should make for better results.

Resources in the subject guides for business, finance, accounting, marketing, and others may be of interest.


Here is a list of databases for management with links


The Legal (formerly Alexander Hamilton Institute Employment Law Resource Center)
This website has articles about employment (from the employer perspective), FAQs about certain parts of employment law, free newsletters, free reports, and more. Some things are not free, but most of it is free. The links section is especially useful and contains many good websites.

BPR Online Learning Center
There is free information here in the form of articles, tutorials, and more on the subjects of Change Management and Human Resources that could be useful. Articles are written in a straightforward, instructional manner and have visual aids.

Cornell's Key Workplace Documents
This page provides quick access to documents from relevant government (federal) resources, organizations, associations, and others in .pdf format. They are organized by organization type and by year, but there is also a search function.

Free Management Library
It is most easily described as a hub, as it allows one to browse or search for content but the actual articles are links to other websites. This is a handy way to find articles on your topic. There is no aim at any particular kind of audience; it is meant for all kinds of organizations.

There is a rather large and detailed amount of Human Resources information here, and on a great variety of topics, such as training, hiring, safety policies, and many more. There forms, links, and other resources too.

The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE)
This academically spawned site is most useful for indexing useful material such as journals and papers, and getting news, as there is not full text accessibility for everything. There is access for some materials, however.

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a part of the APA (American Psychological Association). This website has a number of resources such as links, news, publication information, and an online store.

U.S. Department of Labor's eLaws
What can a manager legally do in regards to employees? "This Web site was developed to help employers and workers understand their rights and responsibilities under the federal employment laws administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. The elaws Advisers mimic the interaction an individual might have with a DOL representative by asking questions, providing information, and directing the individual to the appropriate resolution."

Workforce Management
This site requires membership to see articles, but it's free to join. These pages are on a great variety of topics related to management, and there is news, blogs, podcasts, and information about conferences.

This organization approaches HR with the focus on motivating employees and preventing them from leaving for work elsewhere. There are many resources here, including White Papers, audiocasts, news, and more.

World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA)
"The WFPMA is a global network of professionals in people management." There is a newsletter here called "Worldlink" that is free to read, and under "projects" there are papers written on various topics.

There is more to find at the library, of course. Try searching databases and the library catalog on your topic.