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Spring 2022 University Week Full Schedule

Spring 2022 University Week At-A-Glance Schedule

Spring 2022 University Week will be held Monday through Friday, January 3 - 7, 2022.  The full schedule and the at-a-glance schedule are linked above.

Please note:

Previous University Week schedules available here.

Fall 2021 University Week presentation slide decks/recordings are posted below.

Monday, August 9: Alicia Rollins, "Work Study Supervisors Training" (pdf of slidedeck)

Monday, August 9: Dr. Stacie Austin, "Introduction to Escape Rooms"

Wednesday, August 11: Dr. Megan Broadway, "RISK: Checking In - Utilization of Progress Updates..."
> Assignment (Word doc)

Wednesday, August 11: Dr. Sutherlin, "RISK: Enhanced Learning Through Project-Based Assignments" [recording requires VLC player] (PPT slide deck)

Wednesday, August 11: Mallory Benedetto and Dr. Anne Case Hanks, "RISK: Innovative Assessments to Support Critical Thinking"

Wednesday, August 11: Dr. Leigh Hersey, "RISK: Transforming Students and the Community..."
> Slidedeck (PowerPoint)
> Reflection (Word doc)
> Sample Partnership Agreement (Word doc)

Wednesday, August 11: Dr. Anita Sharma, "RISK: Resilience in Students with Disabilities by Fostering an Innovatively Inclusive Campus Environment"

Thursday, August 12: Meghan Olinger and Dr. Valerie Fields, "Classroom Behavior Expectations and Campus Assessment Response, and Evaluation Team..."

Thursday, August 12: Dr. Ashley Barbo, "RISK: Gaming in Education"

Thursday, August 12: Seth Hall, "Strategic Plan Update"

Thursday, August 12: Dr. Pamela Saulsberry, "Introduction to DEI: Self Assessment" (PPT slidedeck)