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Pass Fail Option for ULM Students

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Requesting a Pass/Fail Grade

If you are considering the pass/fail option, please discuss that with your advisor beforehand.

The following information is designed to answer your questions about the pass/fail grading process.

A. Requesting a pass/fail grade is available to those students in a full-semester or second eight-week class in which a letter grade is typically assigned.

B. For students who request the pass/fail option, the letter grade assigned by the instructor will change to a “P” (Pass) for students who make a grade of:

1. A, B, or C in an undergraduate course

2. A or B in a graduate course

(In both cases the pass grade counts toward earned credit but does not affect the student’s GPA.)

C. The process to change a letter grade to a pass/fail grade is as follows:

1. The instructor will assign a letter grade as usual by the grading deadline of 3:00pm Monday May 11th.

2. A student who wishes to change that letter grade to a pass/fail grade should discuss with her/his advisor the potential negative consequences of that decision.

3. Once a student has discussed changing the grade to pass/fail and has decided to do so, she/he must fill out the Pass/Fail Request Form. The student must submit the pass/fail request by 3:00pm Thursday May 14th. The decision to request the pass/fail option is irreversible once the form is submitted.

4. The student's advisor and the student's dean will review the student's pass/fail request and submit the necessary paperwork to the Registrar for processing.

D. Students should understand the potential adverse impacts and unintended negative consequences of selecting the pass/fail option. Before choosing this option, students should consult with their advisors to discuss one or more of the following.

1. Financial aid eligibility (scholarships, TOPS, grants, loans): Students should consult with a Financial Aid Counselor.

2. Students intending to apply to graduate school or a professional program/school, or considering transferring to another institution: Students should check with the institution to determine how that credit will count.

3. Athletic eligibility: Student-athletes must first speak with their Athletic Academic Counselor for approval.


If you have any questions about the pass/fail option, please contact your advisor.