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Honors Program

About the Program

The ULM Honors Program is a unique program that seeks intellectually curious students who desire to challenge themselves with new ideas and to work with similarly motivated students.

The program is open to all majors and offers various options while working within the degree. Honors students are exposed to more in-depth topics and work closely with the Honors Faculty.

Why join the program?

Honors Core Classes: While working in the Honors Core, the Honors student will also fulfill the University Core. Honors classes are small, allowing for greater discussion than in larger classes

Honors Option:
After completing the Honors Core, the Honors student can choose a class within the major in order fulfill the Honors Certificate Requirement.

Honors Distinctions:
 The ULM Honors Program offers two different types of certificates: honors in the college and honors in the university. All Honors distinctions will be awarded at graduation.

Close Interaction with Faculty:
Honors students benefit from close interaction and individual discussions with faculty members.

Honors Scholarships are available on a competitive basis for students pursuing Honors certificates in the major, college or university.

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