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April 16, 2003

ULM Powerlifters Come in Third at 2003 Collegiate Nationals

The University of Louisiana at Monroe's Women's Powerlifting Team placed third at the 2003 Collegiate Nationals this past weekend in St. Louis.

The women's team consists of two returning All American lifters from last year Paula Ramirez (team captain) and Detria Johnson; three freshmen lifters Danielle Miller, Kelly Roulaine, and Danielle Stevenson; and two ULM Cheerleaders, Jacqueline Cain and Carley Carter, who joined the team in January.

Powerlifters perform three lifts - the squat, bench press and deadlift. To be eligible to compete in nationals, the lifters had to first hit a certain total, dependent on their body weights, in a sanctioned meet.

In the 105-pound weight class, Cain placed second and earned All American honors by overcoming a 35 lb. deficit and pulling a personal best deadlift of 265 lbs. Carter placed third and also earned All American honors while recording personal bests in the squat and deadlift.

In the 123-pound weight class, 16 lifters competed in a very close battle for first. Ramirez placed third and for the second year in a row was named All American by pulling a final deadlift of 342 lbs. at a bodyweight of 121 lbs. This lift gives Paula the state deadlift and total records for her weight class. Stevenson placed ninth and recorded a personal best in the deadlift.

Roulaine placed ninth in the 148-pound weight class, which was the largest group with 19 lifters. She recorded personal bests on squat and deadlift.

Johnson weighed in as the lightest competitor in her 181-pound weight class. However, during warm-ups she pulled a hip muscle but competed any way. ULM Powerlifting Coach David Stanley, said, "Her less than 100% was good enough. Even injured, she placed fifth and still posted her best bench press of 200 lbs."

Miller placed second in the 198-pound weight class and earned her first All American title by posting good numbers in the squat and bench, while finishing with a 375 lb. deadlift.

"The women were excited to place third overall as a team in their first year of team competition. I can not express how proud I am for what these women accomplished in such a short period of time. They realized to be so close, so soon and not reach the ultimate goal is hard to handle. Still, that is the nature of competition and the reason we train," said Stanley.

In the men's competition, Ross turned in a personal best squat and barely missed his last deadlift to finish in eight place in the 181-pound weight class, this was his first national competition in a class of 19 lifters. In the 275-pound weight class, Smith did a squat of 610 lbs. and although he tried for a 650 lb. deadlift, he placed sixth overall.

Videos and photos of the competition are available upon request.

The next powerlifting event will be the Men's Jr. and Teenage Nationals on May 31 ­ June 1 in Baton Rouge.

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