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October 16, 2003

ULM Emerging Scholars and Mentors Recognized for Participation in Program

A select group of students and faculty from the University of Louisiana at Monroe was recognized at noon today for their participation in the new "Emerging Scholars" mentoring program. The program is a way for ULM students and faculty members to advance their knowledge in the sciences, humanities, and the arts through a mentoring relationship. A luncheon in their honor was held in the University Conference Center on the 7th floor of the ULM Library.

ULM President James Cofer was the keynote speaker. He told the participants, "You have grasped the very spirit of the academy ­ colleagues working together to question, search, and discover. You questioned nature's violence with projects on hailstorms, supercell thunderstorms, and tornadoes. You have searched human understanding with the Tennessee Williams Journal, studies on child abuse and neglect, and a project on the ethics of corporate employees. And you have discovered more about how to help patients with depression, how to sign electronic documents, and how to prevent youth violence.

With projects that analyzed how students choose what they study and whether they use alcohol, you have even produced results that will immediately help students right here at ULM."

Cofer also told his audience today that "Emerging Scholars is not just a program to participate in while at ULM; rather he said using your talents to seek the truth is a calling; a way of life.

"We live in a culture that counsels leisure, but you have chosen not to squander or bury your talents. And that's ultimately why we're here today. Everyone has talents, but not everyone makes full use of those talents. Because giving your best is hard work. And not just one day of hard work, but weeks, months, years, and decades. I challenge each of you not to forget this experience; I challenge you to make the most of your gifts in the service of truth."
The program began last spring with the first students and mentors working together on research, learning and building lasting professor-student relationships. Professors and students both agreed the program was a success and from there, "Emerging Scholars" began to grow. The purpose of the "Emerging Scholars" program is to provide professional experience for undergraduate students while engaging them in college life as early as possible. Students who sign up will participate in a project mentored by a faculty member.

There were over 100 students acknowledged for their participation in the Emerging Scholars program, including those from this semester and last spring. The "Emerging Scholars" opportunity is available to freshman and sophomores who will receive a $400 stipend.
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Carlos Fandal said, "We are proud of the students and faculty who are involved. The merits of getting our students and faculty involved outside the classroom are great. For students, they gain first hand knowledge from a mentor and some extra money. For faculty, the one-on-one relationship with a student will allow them to personally see the student grow and learn as a young adult and a scholar."

"It is also important to make students aware early in their higher education experience that learning and personal growth happens all around them all the time- not just in the classroom. This opportunity broadens what many freshmen may think of the university experience. Once involved, they will see that learning is not just about cramming for a test or not having a social life in lieu of studying. Instead, learning from a mentoring relationship affords them a sense of accountability to themselves and their mentor. Maybe no one else would notice, but a mentor might recognize if the student isn't getting enough rest, is stressed out, or just needs to talk. In this way, a one-on-one student-mentor relationship is invaluable."

If you would like more information on the Emerging Scholars program, or would like to be involved, please contact any ULM Dean.

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