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November 26, 2007

Former Clinton and Bush staffers speak at ULM April 3

On Thursday, April 3, James Carville and Mary Matalin will share their political expertise at the University of Louisiana at Monroe as part of the ULM Presidential Lyceum Series.

The Lyceum Series, which began in 2003 under the direction of ULM President James E. Cofer, promotes intellectual exchange among ULM faculty, staff, students and the community. The upcoming presentation by Carville, the chief campaign strategist for Clinton/Gore in 1992, and Matalin, former assistant to President George W. Bush, will resonate with anyone, regardless of political affiliation, said John Sutherlin, assistant professor of political science and Lyceum Series committee member.

“Mary Matalin and James Carville are the most significant political consultants and commentators in the past six decades. What they have accomplished transformed elections not only in the U.S., but also in Russia, Eastern Europe and Israel. Regardless of one's political affiliation, Matalin and Carville will offer a challenge to conventional campaign thinking."

Students will greatly benefit from the political duo, said ULM accounting major Micah Pulliam, also a Lyceum Series committee member. “April will be the height of the presidential election and campaigning. For students, this will be a great time to hear the Washington political insights into the election in November 2008. With Mary Matalin representing the Republican side and James Carville, having orchestrated the Clinton election during the last Democratic presidency—we should have fun hearing the Carvilles’ banter, and at the same time, learn the differing sides to the important campaign issues.”

About Carville:
The man who devised the most dramatic political victories of our generation, “Captured in action in The War Room,” the compelling, Academy Award-nominated documentary about President Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, Carville knows precisely how to craft a winning strategy. A fixture on CNN’s groundbreaking “Crossfire” for many years, Carville analyzes the day’s political headlines, including a close-up look at the 2008 presidential campaigns and candidates.

His latest book, “Take it Back,” is a handbook for taking back Congress, the White House and the country. In “Buck Up, Suck Up and Come Back When You Foul Up,” Carville offers enlightening behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the campaign trail. He is also author of “Stickin’: The Case for Loyalty; All’s Fair,” written with his wife and favorite debate partner, Mary Matalin, and the upcoming “The Lost Generation” (Summer 2008). Carville’s become a pop culture icon, co-producing the movie remake of “All The King's Men” and spoofing his own well-recognized persona on television and in such films as “Old School.”

Carville and wife Mary Matalin first wrote “All’s Fair: Love, War, and Running for President,” which spent eight weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. Carville’s other books have included “We’re Right, They’re Wrong: A Handbook for Spirited Progressives”; “And the Horse He Rode In On: The People vs. Kenneth Starr”; “Stickin’”; “Buck Up, Suck Up…and Come Back When You Foul Up”; “Had Enough? A Handbook for Fighting Back”; his children’s book, “Lu and the Swamp Ghost”; and 2006’s “Take it Back.” Carville also co-produced the remake of the 1949 Oscar award-winning movie “All The King’s Men” with a cast that included such acting luminaries as Sean Penn, Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Patricia Clarkson, Kate Winslet, and James Gandolfini.

About Mary Matalin:
Mary Matalin, former assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, was the first White House official to hold that double title. In 1992, President Bush named her the deputy campaign manager for political operations. As deputy campaign manager, she was responsible for the overview and organization of all 50 state operations. As the on-board planner who traveled with President Bush throughout the 1992 campaign, she emerged as the vocal, and occasionally controversial, defender of the president and his policies.

Before joining the Bush/Cheney White House, Matalin hosted CNN’s critically acclaimed debate show, “Crossfire.” Matalin is the former founding co-host of the Washington-based political weeknight talk show, “Equal Time,” which premiered in May 1993 on CNBC. She served as co-host until shortly after the 1996 national political conventions. Her political astuteness and antics contributed to the show’s being called “the best talk show on television” by Knight Ridder News Service. Matalin’s humor, straightforward discussion, and ability to discuss the hottest political issues in Washington helped to make the show one of the most talked about programs in the network’s history.

Matalin has made frequent television appearances as a political commentator, and has written for various periodicals including Newsweek and The Los Angeles Times. She also co-authored the best-selling political campaign book “All’s Fair: Love, War and Running for President” with her husband, James Carville, who was the chief campaign strategist for Clinton/Gore in 1992. Her most recent book, “Letters to My Daughters” (April 2004), was named a Book of the Month Club selection and made The New York Times and The Washington Post best-seller lists. “Letters to My Daughters” was also selected for a condensed version by Reader's Digest.

Matalin took her sharp wit and free-spirited political repartee to the airwaves during her own three-hour afternoon radio program on the CBS Talk Radio Network. “The Mary Matalin Show” highlighted current events and featured distinguished guests and listener calls. Talkers magazine listed Matalin as one of The 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America in 1996, 1997, and 1998. In addition, “Talk Daily” recognized “The Mary Matalin Show” with its Great Web Site Award. Matalin recently appeared, with Carville, on HBO’s critically acclaimed series “K-Street,” about the world of powerful political consultants. She now runs Threshold, a new conservative publishing imprint at Simon & Schuster.

Mary and her husband reside in Virginia with their daughters, Matalin “Matty” Carville and Emerson “Emma” Carville.

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