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May 1, 2009

Winners of ULM Ninth Annual Student Research Symposium announced

Winners of the Ninth Annual Student Research Symposium at the University of Louisiana at Monroe were announced at an awards ceremony held April 29 in the ULM Library.

The Student Research Symposium showcases research conducted by ULM undergraduates and graduate students. Researchers are required to conceptualize a research question, work with a faculty mentor to address the question, design a research method, identify the subjects, correctly and objectively collect data, analyze it, reach conclusions and make recommendations.

Student researchers presented their work either by Presentation Poster or by a Platform Presentation in which they read their research aloud to the audience. In both cases, student researchers were expected to answer questions from judges who have credentials in the student’s research field.

With the completion of the Ninth Student Research Symposium, this venue has provided a platform for approximately 2,800 student-researchers to present their unique research.

The winners are:

Department of Biology Graduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Mitchell Ray and John L. Carr. Spatial Ecology of Alligator Snapping Turtles (Macrochelys temminckii) in Northern Louisiana.

Second place: Chris Rice and Kim M. Tolson. The Use of Tree Cavities and Surrounding Habitat by Corynorhinus rafinesquii and Myotis austroriparius in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest Streambed.

Third place: Robynn Thomas and Debra Jackson. Survey of Biofilm Forming Bacteria in a Northeast Louisiana Waterway.

Department of Biology Graduate Students Oral Presentations

First place: Chris Rice and Kim M. Tolson. Cavity Temperature of Water Tupelo (Nyssa aquatica) Trees as a Possible Effect on Roost Site Selection by Corynorhinus rafinesquii (Rafinesques’s Big-Eared Bat).

Second place: Justin Martin and Kim M. Tolson. Nesting Parameters of Wood Ducks Utilizing Artificial Nest Boxes in Northeast Louisiana.

Department of Biology Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Battaglia, Charles. Recruitment Ans Seasonal Dynamics Of A Microphallid Metacercaria (Trematoda: Microphallidae) In Its Intermediate Host, The Grass Shrimp Palaemonetes Kadiakensis In Black Bayou Lake, La.

Second place: Mcpherson, Kasi C.; Syed Quadri. Role Of Heme Oxygenase In Angiotensin Ii Induced Hypertension.

Third place: Keaton, Nicholas; Tram Do. A C. Elegans Anillin Is Required For Post-Embryonic Cytokinesis And Cell Morphology.

Honorable Mention: The Ulm-Hhmi Sea Class; Jeremy Harmson. Isolation And Characterization Of Novel Mycobacteria Phages From Soil Samples In Northeast Louisiana.

Department of Chemistry, Geosciences, and Math Student Poster Presentations

First place: Pullin, Justin. Analysis Of Rainbands In The Monroe Regional Area Associated With Hurricane Gustav.

Second place: Sisson, Ashley. The Probability Distribution Of The Determinants Of Zero-One Matrices.

Department of Physics Oral Presentation

First place: Britney Dyer. An Overview of X-Ray Crystallography.

College of Business Administration Poster Presentations

First place: Nina Krey and Laurie Babin and Ken Clow. Buying and Selling of College Textbooks by Students: The Impact of Major Source Funding.

Second place: Tiffany Riley and Paul Wiedemeier. Quality Evaluation of Randomly Distorted X-PixMap Formatted Axial Tomography Images.

College of Education

First place: Jason Leonard, Department of Psychology. The Height of Freedom and the Weight of Responsibility.

Second Place: John Buckner, Marriage and Family Therapy, Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling. Differentiation of Self: Mediating the Feelings and Emotional Response of Shame.

College of Health Sciences

First place: Jessica Barnes, Jennifer Clark, Tomecia Jackson, Natalie Armstrong, and Lauren Cross. Teachers’ Opinions of Factors Influencing Literacy of Kindergartners in Seven Louisiana Parishes.

First place: Laura Dawkins, Morgan Johnson, Sarah Kennedy, Ashley Miller, and Holley Watts. Semantics Assessment: Should Children Be Penalized for Different Life Experiences?

Second place: Cody Culbreath, Cristina Nguyen, and Janna Woodyear. AAC Training in Relation to Strategies and Implementation in the School Setting.

Liberal Arts Oral Presentations

First place: Brittany Layne Stringer, Department of Communications. Communicating Health: Childhood Obesity and Elementary Health Education.

First place: Vanelis Rivera, Department of English. Lacing Up Sexuality and Unlacing Independence: Moll’s Wearing of a Codpiece and Breeches in “The Roaring Girl.”

Second place: Lauren Fix, Department of English. “Until Death Do Us Part: A Study of Marriage in “The Tragedy of Othello.”

Third place: Tara Kester, Department of History. The Aftermath of the 1967 Newark Riots: Not a Legacy, Just a Continuation.

College of Pharmacy Poster Presentations

First place: Amit B Shirode and Paul W. Sylvester. Mechanisms mediating growth inhibitory effects of combined celecoxib and g-tocotrienol treatment on neoplastic mouse mammary epithelial cells in vitro.

Second place: Vikram B. Wali and Paul W. Sylvester. g-Tocotrienol-induced apoptosis in neoplastic +SA mammary epithelial cells is mediated through PERK/eIF2a/CHOP endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway.

Third place: Gautam R. Bedadala and Victor Hsia. Herpes simplex virus type-1 lytic infection induces early growth response-1 expression.

College of Pharmacy Oral Presentations

First place: Sunitha V. Bachawal, Vikram B. Wali, and Paul W. Sylvester. Enhanced antiproliferative effects of combined treatment of ?-tocotrienol with erlotinib or gefitinib is associated with suppression in Akt and Stat3 mitogenic signaling in +SA mammary tumor cells.

Second place: Gauri Patwardhan and Yong-Yu Liu. Silencing glucosylceramide synthase reverses cancer drug resistance through ceramide-mediated restoration of tumor suppressor p53.

Third place: Mohammad A. Khanfar and Khalid El Sayed. Rationale design of semisynthetic lautrunculin analogues as inhibitors for metastatic breast cancer. preliminary structure-activity relationship and 3D QSAR studies.

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