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March 21, 2012

ULM announces 46th Annual Region III Social Studies Fair winners

The University of Louisiana at Monroe hosted its 46th Annual Region III Social Studies Fair March 7-8.

An estimated 1,400 students, parents and teachers from public, private, charter, home schools, and others in the nine Northeast Louisiana parishes participated in the regional fair.

The fair offers students in grades four-12 the chance to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the fields of anthropology, economics, geography, history, Louisiana history, political science, and sociology.

Individual and group awards were given to winners in each of the seven areas and divided according to grade levels: Division I, grades four-five; Division II, grades six-eight; and Division III, grades none-12.

With partial contribution from the ULM Scholarship Office, two scholarships were awarded to high school students so that they can attend ULM in the future: one for $1,200 to Delton Dickson, and one for $800 to Claire Waggoner.

Both Delton and Claire attend West Ouachita High School in West Monroe.

Grand Prize Winners and Grand Prize Runners-Up received $100 or $50 cash awards, respectively, as well as plaques and coupons from area businesses.

The name of the students, titles of their projects, schools, and supervising teachers, were as follows:

Division I (grades four-five)
Individual Winner: Jacob Bass, “Children of the Holocaust,” Central Elementary School, Teacher: Leslie Breen.

Individual Runner-Up: Zach Crain, “The Ring of Five,” Lakeshore Elementary School, Teacher: Suzonne Basinger.

Group Winners: Olive Nolan and Olivia Cuthbert, “Breast Cancer: How It Affects the Family,” Lexington Elementary School, Teacher: Frankie Tarver.

Group Runners-Up: Lauren Yokum and Caitlyn Campbell, “The Greek in Me,” Lexington Elementary School, Teacher: Frankie Tarver.

Division II (grades six-eight)
Individual Winner: Elizabeth Hancock, “Safe Haven-The Warsaw, “Lee Junior High School, Teacher: Karla Brown.

Individual Runner-Up: Davis Floyd, “The Power of the Atomic Bomb,” Ouachita Parish Junior High School, Teacher: Nann Stewart.

Group Winners: Zane Dear and Ryan Mason, “Black, Gold,” Franklin Academy, Teacher: Missy Beavers.

Group Runners-Up: Ashlee Sebren and Cheyenne Vela, “Greek Mythology & Its Influences,” Calhoun Middle School, Teacher: Carolyn Beeson.

Division III (grades 9-12)
Individual Winner: Delton Dickson, “The Battle of Omaha,” West Ouachita High School, Teacher: Jo Anne Tiller.

Individual Runner-Up: Claire Waggoner, “Still on the Run,” West Ouachita High School, Teacher: Jo Anne Tiller.

Group Winner: Dylan Roberts and Amber McCall, “Trade: Louisiana’s Economic Momentum,” Franklin Parish High School, Teacher: Alaina Nichols.

Group Runners-Up: Blaine Armstrong and Annalee Heckford, “Death by Crucifixion,” West Ouachita High School, Teacher: Jo Ann Tiller.

A total of 117 students who were regional first and second place winners are eligible to participate in the Louisiana State Social Studies Fair, to be held on April 23, in Lake Charles.

First place winners received plaques, a ribbon and coupons from area businesses. Second, third and fourth place winners received ribbons.

The names of and places of all first, second, third, and fourth place winners were as follows:

Division I (grades four-five) Winners
Anthropology Individual - First: Steven Dakota Carroll; Second: Bailey Blackstock; Third: Sidney Jones; Fourth: Najat Mohammad.

Anthropology Group - First: Lauren Yokum and Caitlyn Campbell; Second: Jonathan Stacey and Hope Vail; Third: Jacob Little and Taijah Nelson; Fourth: Rickedra Van Buren and Mary Kelly.

Economics Individual -First: Rico Gonzales; Second: Marlon Eleam; Third: Madison Young; Fourth: Annalise Russel.

Economics Group - First: Reid Trisler and Brooks Fordham; Second: Ashley Onna Santiny and Madison Noelle Reeves.

Geography Individual - First: Zach Crain; Second: Bella Standard; Third: Jacelyn Groan; Fourth: Evelyn Covington.

Geography Group - First: Maggie Sharp and Savannah Frantz; Second: Harli Rodgers and Chelsea Reppond.

History Individual - First: Jacob Bass; Second: Gavin Wilson; Third: Kylie Cichoki; Fourth: Carsyn Brasher.

History - Group - First: Jackson Richard and Riley Hanks; Second: Katie Marcantle and Mary Payne; Third: Christian Woodward and Hanna Bagwell; Fourth: Colby Armstrong and Hannah Beth Nielson.

Louisiana History Individual - First: Dustin Hendrix; Second: Anna Irfan Chaudhry; Third: Ariel Scott.

Louisiana History Group - First: Madison Thomas and Morgan Pierce.

Political Science Individual - First: Christina Ford; Second: Mason York; Third: Garrison Lowder; Fourth: John Mulhern.

Political Science Group - No group participants.

Sociology Individual - First: Layne Diffey; Second: Kyler Rawls; Third: Richard Smith; Fourth: Denon Blount.

Sociology Group - First: Olive Nolan and Olivia Cuthbert; Second: Julian Batey and Jacob Robertson; Third: Kristina Hall and Jay Strickland; Fourth: Brandon Lewis and Riley Robertson.

Division II (grades six-eight) Winners
Anthropology Individual -First: Milan Fellows Arpino; Second: Kaylee Willman; Third: Hal Mayfield; Fourth: Madison Pace.

Anthropology Group - First: Ashlee Sebren and Cheyenne Vela; Second: Garrett Ross and Kameron Miller; Third: William McCandlish and Robert McCandlish; Fourth: Max Steen and Conner Hodnett.

Economics Individual - First: Davis Floyd; Second: Brandon Chapman; Third: Rainey Barefoot; Fourth: Seth Meredith.

Economics Group - First: Zane Dear and Ryan Mason; Second: John Ellender and John Henry Herbert; Third: Camryn Cupples and Lauren Bloomer; Fourth: Colton Williams and Charlie Gray.

Geography Individual - First: Ashton Armstrong; Second: Chelsea Caldwell; Third: Briana McMichael; Fourth: Jerome T.C. Dri.

Geography Group - First: Luck Cagle and Connor King; Second: Amanda Whippie and Noah Santiago; Third: Jamie Jones and Leslie Mizall; Fourth: Mason Richardson, Bethany Hatton and Callie Foster.

History Individual - First: Elizabeth Hancock; Second: Emily Grand; Third: Destiny Nugent; Fourth: Carrick Inabnett.

History Group - First: Arianna Worthy and Diana Pham; Second: Christian Amy and Graham Barham; Third: Haley Parrott, Sidney Parker and Maria Jolly; Fourth: Molly Landry and Therese Miller.

Louisiana History Individual - First: Emily Mason; Second: Katelin Tripp; Third: Sophie Ecklund; Fourth: Lily Henderson.

Louisiana History Group -First: Tori Lenard and Rachel Meachum; Second: Caleb Sepulvado and Alan Calhoun; Third: John O’Leary and Brooks Hand; Fourth: Tanner King and Heath Hackney.

Political Science Individua - First: Jake Moore; Second: Neko Perez; Third: John Mitchell McDuffie; Fourth: Russell Peacock.

Political Science Group - First: Cabe Thomas and Michael Sullivan; Second: Morgan Martin and Max Mitchell.

Sociology Individual - First: Kerry Doyle; Second: Jessie Poland; Third: Rabia Shahid; Fourth: Kersten Theils.

Sociology Group - First: Tori Telano and Grace Hunt; Second: Lauren Telano and Kasey May; Third: Kolby Patrick and Josh Hendrixson; Fourth: Austin Clark and Sachin Prem.

Division III (grades 9-12) Winners
Anthropology Individual - First: Katherine Marsh.

Anthropology Group - First: Matthew Rodriquez and Paige Lofton; Second: Maranda Watkins, Hannah Beach and Breanna Delaughter.

Economics Individual - No individual participants.

Economics Group - First: Dylan Roberts and Amber McCall; Second: April McMurry and Megan North; Third: Natalie Thomas and Lindsey Trisler.

Geography Individual - First: Cole Linder; Second: Bjon Schwedes; Third: Westley Huey.

Geography Group - First: Nate Roberts and Anthony Carrington; Second: Sarah Ford, Nichole Edwards, Jordan Smith, and Allen Evans.

History Individual - First: Delton Dickson; Second: Sarah Haring; Third: Erika Reeves; Fourth: Sarah Roberts.

History Group - First: Blaine Armstrong and Annalee Heckford; Second: Adam Robinson and Samantha Colson; Third: Brittany Gamble and Lacie Murphy; Fourth: Taylor Wolleison and Brittany Whittington.

Louisiana History Individual - First: Chas Gravelle.

Louisiana History Group - First: MaKayla Beavers and Ian Black.

Political Science Individual - First: Claire Waggoner; Second: Anna Martin; Third: Jessi Moore.

Political Science Group - First: MaKayla Roberts, Adrienne Pilgreen and Lindsey Robbins; Second: Rachel Quimby and Sunny Bruce.

Sociology Individual First - Austin Anding.

Sociology Group - First: Cheyenne Nelson and Jade Arrant; Second: Anna Clair Brown and Maicee Mercer; Third: Krista Mobley and Jennifer Brown; Fourth: Rebecca Acker and Corie Bradford.

In addition, Bailey Blackstock, a fifth grader at Woodlawn Elementary School in West Monroe, won the Program Cover Design Contest sponsored by the Region III Social Studies Fair.

Blackstock’s drawing was included on the cover of the written program for the 2012 fair held on March 8.

Blackstock received a $100 cash award for winning the contest. The sponsoring teacher was Laura McFarland.

There were three runners-up in this contest: Samantha Colson, an 11th grader at Franklin Parish High School in Winnsboro; Jewell McGuffee, another fifth grader at Woodlawn Elementary School; and Jansen Nowell, an eighth grader at Pinecrest Middle School in West Monroe.

Other sponsoring teachers were Alaina Nichols and Arden Chapman. Each runner-up received a $50 cash award for his/her drawing.

The Region III Social Studies Fair is a joint project of the ULM College of Education and Human Development, and the ULM College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Jerrilene Washington of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and Dr. John Sutherlin of the Department of Gerontology, Sociology, and Political Science, serve as co-directors.

Rachel Deas, also of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, serves as the graduate assistant.

Dr. Dorothy Schween, head of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Human Development, said that the 2012 Region III Social Studies Fair was a “phenomenal success, a flawless event. As a judge for the fifth fair in a row, I truly felt that it was the best one ever.”

“We are grateful to everyone who assisted in making this fair a success; local businesses, other citizens, school and ULM personnel, school and ULM students, and parents,” said Washington.

“We look forward to your participation again next year.”

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