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March 22, 2013

ULM releases results for largest-ever Warhawk Triathlon

The University of Louisiana at Monroe’s Ninth Annual Warhawk Triathlon and Third Annual Youth Triathlon saw their largest contingent to date, with over 1,000 spectators and 321 participants testing their endurance on the ULM campus Satruday, Mar. 16.

Adult competitors were charged with completing an indoor 400 meter pool swim with 50 meter staggered starts based on participant’s estimated 400 meter swim times; an 11 mile flat and fast bike course; and a three mile run through campus. 

Youth participant distances varied by age with five and six year olds doing a 25-meter swim, a 2-kilometer bike run, and .5-kilometer run; seven to 10 year olds doing a 100-meter swim, a 5-kilometer bike run, and 1-kilometer run; and 11-15 year olds doing a 200-meter swim, a 10-kilometer bike run, and 2-kilometer run.

For the first time, a cash payout was awarded to the male and female winners of the course record, and the top three male and female finishers.

The course record prize was $200, and the top three finishers for men and women were awarded $100, $75, and $50, accordingly.

The race was sanctioned by USA Triathlon, which is the national governing body for the sports of triathlon, duathlon, winter triathlon and aquathlon in the United States.

Click here for a complete listing of winners and finishing times.

Warhawk Triathlon Results:
Female Open Winners:
First place: Liz Baugher; second place: Kelly Hooper; third place: Elodie Burlet

Female Masters Winner:
First place: Gail Renee Umstead

Female age 15 to 19:
Janice Stevens

Female age 20 to 24:
First place: Hillary Neal; second place: Keeley Odom; third place: Eleanor Benjamin

Female age 25 to 29:
First place: Ashley Ard; second place: Meghan Olinger; third place: Sarah Saik

Female age 30 to 34:
First place: Angel Martin; second place: Leah Burns; third place: Ashley Vandrell

Female age 35 to 39:
First place: Casey Lee; second place: Kara Goodin; third place: Ashley Delapp

Female age 40 to 44:
First place: Lena Yarbrough; second place: Elaine Blyzes; third place: Melani Howard

Female age 45 to 49:
First place: Lisa Burkhalter; second place: Joanne Hood; third place: Jennifer Sasaki

Female age 50 to 54:
First place: Tammy Hassenpflug; second place: Donna McGee; third place: Cheryl Webb

Female age 55 to 59:
First place: Terri Hayward; second place: Donna Winegeart

Female age 60 to 64:
First place: Sandy Triplett; second place: Betty Neathery

Female age 65 to 69:
First place: Sandra Dyson

Male open winners:
First place: Ben Hall; second place: Maxwell Sawyer; third place: Nathan Davis

Male masters winner:
Joe “Super G” Giambrone

Male up to 14:
First place: Kade Malone; second place: Connor Clark

Male age 15 to 19:
First place: John Owens; second place: Matt Rose; third place: Chip Fields

Male age 20 to 24:
First place: Michael Kuhlmeier; second place: John Callen; third place: Wynston Johnson-Lyman

Male age 25 to 29:
First place: Daniel Barnes; second place: Jeremy Brown; third place: Michael Martinez

Male age 30 to 34:
First place: Matthew Hendry; second place: William Rogers; third place: Horacio D’Agostino

Male age 35 to 39:
First place: Gregory Davis; second place: Brett May; third place: Alan Fontenot

Male age 40 to 44:
First place: Jerry Berg; second place: Rusty Russell; third place: Glen Neathery

Male age 45 to 49:
First place: Joey Lee; second place; Marcus Eichhorn; third place: James Melvin

Male age 50 to 54:
First place: Richard Cottrell; second place: Scott Bourne; third place: Mark Anyan

Male age 55 to 59:
First place: Tony Bouso; second place: Be Smith; third place: Jim Balfe

Male age 60 to 64:
First place: Mark Barnett: second place: Jack Gustafson; third place: Kenny McDougle

Male age 65 to 69:
First place: Mark Johnston

Male age 70 and over:
First place: Ronnie Carroum; second place: Joe Hinton; third place: Thomas Hammond

Youth Results:
Female age 5 to 6:
First place: Madison Bueche; second place: Rebekah Pendergraft; third place: Brexley Moseley

Female age 7 to 10:
First place: Caroline Lindsay; second place: Sarah Fry; third place: Bree Butler

Female age 11 to 15:
First place: Mallory-Claire Dickey; second place: Caroline Horne; third place: Hannah Moore

Male age 5 to 6:
First place: Tony Fields; second place; William Brodtman; third place: Walker Ingram

Male age 7 to 10:
First place: Ethan McDaniel; second place: Cameron Webb; third place: Grayson Williams

Male age 11 to 15:
First place: Bryan Pendagraft; second place: Quinton McMickins; third place: Blake Rhymes

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