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Student Success Center

The full-time advising staff of the Student Success Center serves as Academic Advisors for all beginning freshmen in any major. They continue to advise all classifications of students that are majoring in Pre-Pharmacy, pre-professional Health Studies, General Studies, or Undeclared. All students should meet with their advisor each semester prior to registration.

How to Prepare for an Advising Appointment

  1. Engage in an intense self-study. Explore options. Clarify values and goals. Relate interest and abilities to educational and career plans. Continue to gather information.
  2. Make your appointment early.
  3. Keep your appointment or call in advance to cancel so that someone else may have the time slot.
  4. Be on time.
  5. Review materials that you received at PREP or during previous appointments before you go to your appointment.
  6. Read the course descriptions of courses in the curriculum before you go to the advising appointment.
  7. Write down any questions you wish to ask your advisor.
  8. Take appropriate materials to the advising appointment (pencil/pen, catalog, major information, etc.)
  9. Follow through on referrals and recommendations that are made during the advising session.



FlightPath is ULM's online advising and degree audit system. Students can log onto FlightPath and monitor their degree progress online. The courses they have already completed, plus their earned grades and credits for those courses, appear within the degree checksheet.

Students can see their degree plan broken down by year (Freshman year courses, Sophomore year courses, etc) or by type of course (major requirements in one column, electives in another, etc).

Students can see what they have left to take to graduate, as well as explore what options they have for electives.

Info for Undeclared Students

The Academic Advisors at the Student Success Center work collaboratively with students to help you explore and ultimately develop and achieve academic goals. We see choosing Undeclared  as a chance to investigate, learn, and find the right  path to your future! You will work with advisors to match your interests and abilities to majors at ULM. Keeping an open mind to potential areas of interest while actively exploring potential majors is very beneficial for some students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it take me longer to graduate if I choose the Undeclared option?
No, we will help you take courses that will count towards all majors, but will ask you to try classes to help you make a decision.

Will my classes count towards a major?

Are there many Undeclared majors in college?
You are in the majority! Approximately 35 percent of all college students are Undeclared.

Can I change my major once I make a decision?
Certainly. About 75 percent of all students will change their major at least once. Many change their major over three times.

What can I do to help me decide on a major?
Meet often with your advisors to receive assistance with the decision-making process, referrals to faculty and resources on campus, and information about colleges and majors at ULM. Take courses in the areas you are considering as a major and talk to the professors and students in those courses. Experiences through volunteer and job opportunities can also be valuable to help you narrow down your options.

How long can I be Undeclared?
We recommend that students identify their major after one year of courses or 30 credit hours. If students remain undeclared for more than 30 credits, it may jeopardize their ability to graduate within four years.

Helpful Videos for Students and Advisors

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Records Management and Privacy

The Student Success Center adheres to ULM's policy regarding student privacy.  Information about this policy is available on the Registrar's Office website at http://registrar.ulm.edu/ferpa.html