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In addition to being a fascinating field of study in its own right, the Biology major can be used to fulfill requirements for admission to medical, dental, veterinary, optometry or pharmacy schools. Students interested in attending ULM should browse the university's future student pages on-line. Specific information pertaining to undergraduate admissions can be found on the ULM Office of Admissions website.

All Biology majors are required to take one year of introductory Biology with labs (BIOL 1020-1023), a junior-level genetics course (BIOL 3005), a senior capstone course (BIOL 4011), and a senior seminar (BIOL 4099). All majors also have to take 14 hours from courses in four subject areas (cell & molecular biology, organismal biology, ecology & environmental science, and evolution & systematics). A total of 48 credit hours in Biology courses are required for the Bachelors of Science in Biology Degree, and students must earn a C or higher in all Biology courses counting towards their degree plan. A minimum of 16 of the Biology elective credit hours must be 3000- or 4000-level courses

Download a sample Biology major degree plan and see just one of many ways to organize your classes. Students work with their departmental advisers each semester to determine which courses will best fit the students’ needs.

Students interested in pre-professional programs, including pre-veterinary, pre-medical, and pre-dental, should consult with the Pre-Professional Advisory Committee to ensure they take courses that will best suit their future plans. Typical minimal admission requirements for medical schools can easily be met within the framework of Biology major requirements.

Students may also choose to minor in Biology, a program that requires 23 hours of Biology coursework, or pursue a major or minor in Biology Education.

A complete list of our undergraduate courses, including pre-requisites, can be found in the ULM Undergraduate Catalog.