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Endowed Chairs

The Endowed Chairs for Eminent Scholars Program was introduced in 1987 through the Board of Regents Support Fund (BORSF). This program pairs a 60% private-sector match with a 40% Board of Regents award to endow a Chair to be filled by a scholar of high renown and great ability. The Board of Regents endows Chairs in any discipline at two levels:

  • $1 million total endowment ($600,000 private investment/$400,000 BORSF)
  • $2 million total endowment ($1.2 million private investment/$800,000 BORSF)

The endowed chair is a distinction awarded by the university to a scholar or teacher in recognition of past and potential original contributions to the individual's academic discipline. In addition to the academic honor given to the individual, an endowed chair provides funding for support of his or her teaching, research, and service responsibilities.

Dr. Ken Clow B.W. Biedenharn
Endowed Chair of Business

College of Business & Social Sciences
Dr. Ken Clow
no image Emy-Lou Biedenharn
Endowed Chair in Music

Not Determined
no image Joseph A. Biedenharn
Endowed Chair in Gerontology

Not Determined
Dr. Shah Mary E. and Darrell L. Calhoun
Endowed Chair in Pharmacology

College of Health & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Girish Shah






Dr. Ed Brayton Contractors Educational Trust Fund Endowed Chair in Construction

College of Business & Social Sciences
Dr. Ed Brayton
Dr. Wendel Ray Hanna Spyker Eminent Scholars
Endowed Chair in Education

College of Health & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Wendel Ray

Kitty DeGree Eminent Scholars
Endowed Chair in Nursing

Not Determined
Blank Tom and Mayme Scott
Endowed Chair in Clinical
Pharmacy Practice

Not Determined