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Archaeology Week

For several years ULM Library Special Collections has been hosting presentations and exhibits to celebrate Archaeology Week in October. A new exhibit, Sharing the Sweet Life: 100 Years at the Chatsworth Sugar Plantation will be open during all of October 2014.  See our news release for more information.

James A. Noe Collection

Monroe history pictures

Our "Governor Noe" Collection consists of correspondence files, letters sent/received, personal letters, and writings/correspondence from KNOW, and more. Visit the collection page to learn more.

Otto Passman Collection

Otto E. Passman was a Louisiana State Representative who resided in Monroe, LA. Our Passman Collection contains three decades of files. Visit the collection page to learn more.

Civil War Collection

We have one of the most impressive collections of secondary work in the South with over 2500 volumes. These volumes can be easily accessed by doing a subject search using the ULM Library's catalog.

University of Louisisana at Monroe History

Our collection includes yearbooks, POW-WOWs, photographs taken by the Chacahoula staff, and various books.

Monroe History

Our collection includes information on the founding families of Ouachita Parish, Fort Miro, church history, and Selman Field. We also house the Griffin Studios photograph collection.

The Evolution of Nursing

In 2009 the Faculty of The School of Nursing at The ULM College of Health Sciences created an exhibit showcasing the development of the field at ULM and its past incarnations Northeast Louisiana State College and Northeast Louisiana University, covering a span of almost fifty years. It was closed in October 2009. Visit the exhibit page to see photos of the collection.

Highway 80 in Print

November 3, 2009 through 2013, Highway 80 in Print was a public exhibit and program that showcased the works of documentary photographer Lee Estes. Go to the exhibit page for photos and more information.