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NOTE: This information is provided as a reference only and is subject to change. Always verify all curriculum information with your faculty advisor or the dean's office. For complete information, including core curriculum*, see the ULM Course Catalog.


All Mathematics majors are required to take Calculus I (MATH 1031), Calculus II (MATH 1032), Applied Linear Algebra (MATH 2002), Calculus III (MATH 2032), Foundations of Mathematics (MATH 2040), Modern Algebra (MATH 3086), 2 additional course numbered 3000 and above, and 2 additional 4000 level courses.  For those interested Mathematics with a concentration in Mathematics Education (Grades 6-12), majors must take the courses specifically listed above, Elementary Functions (MATH 1013), Elementary Mathematical Statistics (MATH 3003), College Geometry (MATH 3007), and one hour of mathematics elective.

Students may also choose to minor in Mathematics, a program that requires 20 hours of Mathematics coursework, or pursue a major or minor in Mathematics Education.