Standard 2


2a. Assessment System

2b. Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation
2c. Use of Data for Program Improvement
Conceptual Framework
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Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 5
Standard 6
State Standard



Exhibits Name

Exhibit 2a1.1 Unit Assessment Handbook

Exhibit C1.1 Conceptual Framework Description Document

Exhibit 2a2.1 Unit Assessment Portal Requirement

Exhibit 2a3.1 Assessment Change Forms and Signatures

Exhibit 2a3.2 Minutes of Assessment Committee Meetings

Exhibit 2a3.3 Matrix of Courses

Exhibit 2a4.1 Three Point Scoring Rubric and Committee Approval Minutes

Exhibit 2a4.2 Signature Assessment Guidelines

Exhibit 2a4.3 Assessment Validity and Reliability

Exhibit 2a4.4 Undergraduate and Graduate Committee

Exhibit 2a4.5 List of CEHD committees

Exhibit 2a4.6 LCET Standards

Exhibit 2a5.1 Faculty, Unit, Exist Evaluation Instruments

Exhibit 2b1.1 Unit Assessment Workflow Matrix

Exhibit 2b2.1 Data Request Form

Exhibit 2b3.1 Academic Appeal Procedure

Exhibit 2b3.2 Student Policy Manual