Standard 5

5a. Qualified Faculty
5b. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Teaching
5c. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship
5d. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Services
5e. Unit Evaluation of Professional Education Faculty Performance
5f. Unit Facilitation of Professional Development
Conceptual Framework
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Exhibits Name

Exhibit 5a1.1 Faculty Qualifications and Assignments (2006-2009)

Exhibit 5a2.1 Professional Education Faculty Who Do Not Hold Terminal Degrees and Justification of Faculty Qualifications

Exhibit 5a3.1 School Based Faculty Qualification

Exhibit 5a4.1 Samples Representing Contemporary Professional Experiences

Exhibit 5b2.1 Standard 5 Survey

Exhibit 5b3.1 Summary of Instructional Strategies

Exhibit 5b2.2 Candidate On-Line Course Evaluation Form of Faculty Teaching

Exhibit 5c1.1 CEHD Mission Statement

Exhibit 5c1.2 CEHD Faculty Handbook

Exhibit 5c1.3 Boyer’s Definition of Scholarship

Exhibit 5c1.4 ULM Strategic Plan – Goals & Objectives Related to Scholarship

Exhibit 5c2.1 Faculty Vita

Exhibit 5c2.2 Scholarly Activities of Unit Faculty

Exhibit 5d1.1 ULM Faculty Handbook

Exhibit 5d1.2 ULM Strategic Plan Goal & Objectives related to service

Exhibit 5d2.1 Service Activities of Unit Faculty

Exhibit 2a5.1 Faculty, Unit, Exist Evaluation Instruments

Exhibit 5e1.1 Faculty Activity Reports and Promotion and Tenure Portfolio

Exhibit 5e1.2 Graduate Assistant Handbook

Exhibit 5e2.1 Faculty Evaluations Performance

Exhibit 5f1.1 Faculty Week Workshops

Exhibit 5f1.2 Professional Development on Assessment and Accreditation

Exhibit 5f3.1 On Campus and Off Campus Training