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Office of Marketing & Communications
Logo Usage & Licensing Information

Faculty and Staff Logo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

For Personal Use:  

Faculty and staff cannot use the ULM academic or athletic logo for personal use.

If a faculty or staff member has a unique case for use of the logo, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications and submit a Logo and Brand Usage Form.


For Student Organization Use:

As a faculty advisor, If a student organization plans to use the logo for T-Shirts, promotional material, or as a part of 

For approved Registered Student Organization have your faculty advisor or Student Life and Leadership representative request a sub-logo for your organization by contacting the Office of Marketing & Communications.

For Internal Use (In Class :

If a faculty or staff member needs access or plans to use the logo in a ULM presentation, paper,  poster for project for contest submission, publication, or etc.  

They can download the appropriate logo in the correct or appropriate format for your presentation.

For Academic Use:

If a faculty or staff member needs access or plans to use the logo in a ULM  presentation, paper, poster, or project for contest submission, publication, grant application or similiar, you may use the official academic logo if the research or project is sanctioned and approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs office.  Please contact your major professor or faculty/staff member who is advising or responsible for the project.  Please contact your School director or Dean director for permission or any questions regarding the use of the logo in your presentation.