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Preview, Registration & Enrollment Program

Preparing for PREP

Before PREP

There are several things you should take care of before coming to Freshmen Orientation. Please make use of the checklist below.

• Students not yet admitted to the university are not eligible to reserve a spot at PREP. Complete and submit the Application for Admission with the appropriate application fee. 

• Submit a completed Proof of Immunization form.

• Request that ULM receive your official ACT scores (ULM ACT code 1598).  All out of state residents must request that their High School send ULM a copy of their official transcript.  Unaccredited Louisiana High School and Home Study students must submit an official transcript. 

• If you plan to live on campus in the fall, complete and submit the Housing Application with the appropriate application fee.  All housing application materials will be sent to students after admission to ULM. 

• If you are required to live on campus, per the University of Louisiana System policy, please make sure you have taken care of all of your paperwork.

• Complete the FAFSA to apply for financial aid.  Regardless of income, every applicant can receive some type of financial assistance.  FAFSA is also the form to complete for TOPS. 

• Register for PREP

What to Bring

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Bring an umbrella just in case 

Those students staying on campus overnight should bring a pillow, sheets, towels, toiletries, and a $50 deposit check for the room key. 


Plan to arrive by 8:00 a.m. for check-in to PREP.  The opening Welcome begins at 9:30 a.m.

Only parents/guardians and siblings who register for the Parent Orientation Program (POP) are allowed to attend orientation programs. Guests are not permitted due to the nature of the program. 

Guests are not permitted in the university residential community.

Where to Stay

Housing is available during PREP (and POP) in University Commons & University Suites. (see directions below)

photo of university commons from libraryAll students requesting on-campus housing while at PREP will be assigned a roommate. You may request a specific roommate when filling out the registration form. 

The cost for housing during PREP is $25.00 per student, per night.  The cost for housing during POP is $50.00 per room, per night.  All housing fees are non-refundable. (Please note an additional $50 room deposit is due at the time of check-in)

There is not a separate registration form for housing at PREP (or POP). Please indicate that you will need housing on the PREP (or POP) registration form. 

List of items to bring if you are staying on campus during PREP or POP:

Sheets (twin)
Alarm Clock
$50 room key deposit (we will only accept deposits in the form of a check)

Did you know the average college student changes their major at least 3 times before graduating?

Choosing a Major

Need help deciding on a major? It's a big job to narrow down what to do for the rest of your life.  We know trying to figure out which career path to take can be overwhelming. That’s why we are offering the Pick 2 Program at PREP. 

Here’s how it works:

When you come to PREP you will attend two informational sessions.  Each session will share the ins and outs about that major.  Why not explore all of your options before starting down a path? The Pick 2 Program at PREP will help you make informed choices.  Pick your two choices on the PREP reservation form. 

• Definitely do some homework before choosing a major.  Job shadowing is a great resource. 

• Get the facts.  Look up specific wage, education, and job growth information about the field you are interested in pursuing. 

• Learn by doing! Find a part-time job where you can really learn what it’s like. 

• Get some advice from other people.  You’ll be surprised at the insight they can offer you. 

• Narrow it down.  Make a list of careers you are thinking about and what degree each requires. 

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graphical map to commons two
Parking for PREP & POP is available behind University Commons and University Suites and in front of Stubbs Hall facing DeSiard St. University Commons and University Suites are located on the west side of Bayou DeSiard, across the street from the University Library and the fountain/Scott Plaza. The Student Union Building is commonly referred to as the SUB.

Northeast Drive runs through the center of campus. 

Helpful links:

Campus map

General driving/visitor information