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Registered Technologist Education Plan

Transfer Credits

Courses taken at higher education institutions will be evaluated for transfer credit upon admission, or prior to admission if requested.  If a student completes a course at a college or university other than ULM while enrolled in the program, an official transcript from that institution must be sent to the RTEP Coordinator and the University the following semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to inform the RTEP Coordinator of any course(s) taken at institutions other than ULM while enrolled in the program.  All transfer credits are subject to approval by the College of Health Sciences Dean and the Office of the Registrar.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of all courses required and a minimum of 30 hours taken through ULM will deem a student eligible for graduation. All official transcripts from any other college or university other than ULM must be submitted to the University and the RTEP Program Coordinator no later than one semester before the expected graduation.


It is the responsibility of the student to notify the RTEP Coordinator with the expectation of graduating in accordance with the commencement application due date published in the ULM Schedule of Classes (usually two semesters prior to graduation). Graduation applications must be mailed to students and returned to the RTEP Program Coordinator prior to this due date. Any student not participating in the Commencement ceremony must submit a request in writing and receive approval from the College of Health Sciences Dean.  Failure to complete these steps may result in postponement of graduation to the following semester.  Access the following link for further information:  http://registrar.ulm.edu/commencement.html.  Commencement will only occur following the Fall semester (December) and the Spring semester (May).