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Driver Safety Program

The Driver Safety Program is mandated by state law with the purpose of reducing incidents and accidents while driving on official University business.  For details on the program please refer to the policy below. Please refer to the link below for a current list of authorized drivers.

The Driver Safety Program is administered by ULM's Transportation Coordinator.  Please contact the Transportation Coordinator for any questions concerning the driver safety program.

To be authorized to drive on University business you must complete the driver authorization form and take the online driver safety course. The authorization form and certificate of competion for the online driver safety course must be submitted to the ULM Safety office via campus mail. 

NOTE: A new Driver Authorization form must also be completed and submitted to EHS in the event of name change, class of license change, driving restriction change, or change in state of issuance. (examples include: name change in case of marriage/divorce, class change from E to D, or from out-of-state to in-state license, etc.) . 

To be reauthorized, drivers must follow the same process once every three (3) years. 

**Please do not sign on the line for Agency Head or Designated Individual.** 

All new drivers will be required to take the online defensive driving course within 90 days of hire date.  All authorized drivers are required to repeat the defensive driving course once every three (3) years.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe currently offers an online driver safety course (using the link below). Upon completion of the online course you must print a certificate of completion. We recommend using Firefox as the web browser to complete this course (several people have had trouble getting a certificate to print using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome). Please submit this certificate with your driver authorization form to the ULM Safety Office.


Online Training Course


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