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Placement Test Information for Developmental Courses


ACT/SAT scores are used to determine placement in English and math courses at ULM as indicated below.  A co-requisite course (Math 1000 or English 1000) may be required for individuals whose test score is below the minimum for eligibility to enroll in Math 1009 or English 1001.   Individuals scoring below the required score to be eligible to take the appropriate co-requisite course may take a placement exam.  The placement exam may be taken a maximum of two times in each subject.  Adult learners are automatically eligible to take the math and/or English placement exam(s).

ACT Math

SAT Math

Compass Algebra

Course/Test Out Eligibility

30 or above 670 or above NA Math 1031, Math 1013 or Math 1011
23-29 540-660 NA Math 1013 or Math 1011
21-22 500-530 NA Math 1011
20 480-490 NA Math 1009 or Math 1011
19 460-470 40 Math 1009 or Math 1011
18 430-450 34-39 Math 1009 with Math 1000 *
15-17 350-420 28-33 Placement Exam
14 or below 340 or below  NA Not Eligible

ACT English

SAT Verbal

Compass Writing Skills

Course/Test Out Eligibility

18 or above 450 or above  76 English 1001
16-17 410-440  63-75 English 1001 with English 1000 *
15 390-400  63-75 Placement Exam
14 or below 380 or below  NA Not Eligible

 * Individuals scoring within the eligibility range for the co-requisite course may take the placement test or take the appropriate co-requisite course with the college-level course.

Placement tests may be taken at ULM or any school offering COMPASS. If the test is taken at another test site, the test results must be faxed (318-342-3553) or emailed (testing@ulm.edu) to ULM directly from school where the test was taken.  Students should contact the test site for registration procedures and fee information.

Content and Review

ULM uses a computerized exam for placement in math and English courses. The math exam addresses beginning algebra concepts, and the English exam covers sentence skills.

The math test includes basic operations with fractions, basic operations with integers, percentages, basic operations with decimals, exponents, square roots, and scientific notation, averages (means, medians, and modes), ratios and proportions, multiples and factors of integers, absolute values of numbers, counting problems and simple probability, range, linear equations in one variable, substituting values into algebraic equations, setting up equations for given situations, basic operations with polynomials, factoring of polynomials, exponents and radicals, solving polynomial equations by factoring, formula manipulation and field axioms, linear inequalities in one variables.  Sample questions for the exam are available at http://act.org/compass/sample/prealg.html and http://act.org/compass/sample/algebra.html.

The English exam measures your understanding of sentence structure, how sentences are put together, and what makes a sentence complete and clear.  You will be asked to correct sentences and to find the most effective way to combine sentences.  Clarity is a key issue. Be aware of grammatical errors and wordiness. Preparation should include a review of the following: sentence combining, comma rules, parallelisms, and subordination.  Any handbook (Bedford, Harbrace, Beacon, Wadsworth…) or high school English textbook will be useful for your review. Sample test questions can be found at the following links: http://www.act.org/compass/sample/pdf/writing.pdf and http://www.act.org/compass/sample/write-s.html.

University Testing Policy

ULM testing policy prohibits cell phones, PDAs, audio and photographic devices, digital or beeping watches, large purses or bags, food, or drink at test administrations.

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