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Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: ULM Faculty and Staff will provide effective, proactive advising that guides students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals.


Obj 1A: Student satisfaction will increase with academic advising at all levels.

Obj 1 B: Faculty and staff will accurately advise based on understanding of general and discipline-specific curriculum requirements, institutional requirements, course sequences, and requirements for major, minor, or concentration.

Obj 1C: Faculty and staff will embrace the advising responsibility as a mentoring role.

Obj 1D: Advising-related support services will be created that are visible and accessible to students, faculty and staff.

Obj 1E: Staff and faculty will participate in training opportunities and be provided resource materials.


Goal 2: ULM Students will take an active, responsible role in their academic and career advising.


Obj 2A: Students can identify and locate their academic advisor.

Obj 2B: Students can identify and locate information resources that are available to them for advising and academic success.

Obj 2C: Students will be advised during regular advising periods.

Obj 2D: Students will be prepared prior to their advising sessions.

Obj 2E: Students will seek out their advisors for guidance at times other than the regular advising period.


Goal 3: Each College and School will demonstrate a commitment to effective academic advising consistent with the university’s philosophy. 


Obj 3A: Each College and School will have established plans in place that ensure effective, proactive advising occurs

Obj 3B: Each College and School will routinely evaluate academic advising according to established plans

Obj 3C: Each College and School will communicate advising responsibilities to faculty, staff and students