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Advising Holds – Advising holds are set in the Fall and Spring the day after the full-term drop deadline (last day to drop full-term courses with a “W”). The advising period will generally begin prior to advising holds being set so advisors should keep a list of advised students and lift their holds once advising holds are set.

FTF Holds – Fall First-time Freshman holds are set upon the conclusion of registration after each PREP session in the Summer. Subsequently, the hold is set just prior to the first day of class in the Spring. Once set, this hold will prevent First-time freshmen from making any changes to his/her schedule. Students must contact his/her advisor for any possible changes. If a change is to be made, the hold should be temporarily lifted in order for the student to make the change online. Once the change has been made, the advisor should reactivate the hold by entering 31-DEC-2099 in the TO: date field.

Athlete Holds – I set this hold at the direction of the Coordinator of Athletic Academics in the SSC. If a change is needed, the Athletic Academic Counselor lifts the hold temporarily for the student-athlete to make a change. Once the change has been made, the Counselor should reactivate the hold by entering 31-DEC-2099 in the TO: date field.

Adds/Drops - It is preferred that the majority of registration/schedule changes be done online by the student. Further, auditors prefer to see adds/drops processed by students online.

Doing so:

1) Reduces document storage of drop/add forms

2) Simplifies the audit trail and reduces audit complexity and work.

3) Provides verification of student involvement in change.

4) Demonstrates that appropriate add/drop dates were followed.