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Women's Symposium

Transferable Skills:
Flexibility in Arts, Education, and Humanities 
8:30 - 9:30 am
SUB Ballroom E

A degree in the fields of Arts, Education, and Humanities can open unexpected doors.

Women with Liberal Arts backgrounds have the ability to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, analyze and problem solve, understand social interactions, manage relationships, and conduct research to generate well-formed arguments.

How do women with these backgrounds obtain leadership positions in business or work in a technology-driven environment?

Hear how these panelists' Liberal Arts degrees are contributing to their success.

 photo of Tarya Bell  photo of  Tiffany Jackson  photo of Katherine Sandifer
Tarya Bell
Assistant Director
of Human Resources
City of Monroe
Tiffany Jackson
TEACH Project Director
University of Louisiana Monroe
Katherine Sandifer Dixon
English Department Chair and
Advanced Placement Teacher
Neville High School
 MODERATOR: Ashley Doughty
Business Development Officer
First National Bank

Women in STEM:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Math  
9:45 -10:45 am
SUB Ballroom E

While women are earning more than half of college degrees, women remain underrepresented in the STEM workforce, although to a lesser degree than in the past, with the greatest disparities occurring in engineering, computer science, and the physical sciences.

Why is it so vital for more women to enter the STEM fields? Women with a college degree in STEM tend to make higher earnings, thus increasing opportunities for women in these fields is an important step towards realizing greater economic success and equality for women in all fields.

In the 21st century, we must focus on removing the gender and race clouds that hover over STEM fields and engage more women and women of color in STEM. The majority of the highest demand jobs in Louisiana are in STEM.

Hear how these panelists faced challenges, overcame obstacles, and paved their way in STEM professions.

 photo of Betty Copper  photo of Allison Franzen-Camacho  photo of Suchi Rodda
Betty Cooper
College of Business and
Social Sciences
University of Louisiana Monroe

Allison Franzen-Camacho
                  Toxicologist                    Ramboll Environ 
Suchi Rodda
Senior Web Developer
Computing Center
University of Louisiana Monroe
MODERATOR: Ashley Doughty
Business Development Officer
First National Bank

Authentic Leadership:
Adapting to Your Own Leadership Style 
11 am - 12 noon
SUB Ballroom E

What qualities make up a good leader? Chances are, the same qualities you desire in a leader are the same qualities that you possess.

Once you have determined your leadership style, how do you balance consistency with flexibility? Leadership style is more than exuding boardroom toughness, making bold management decisions, or honing advanced skill sets. Setting a leadership style helps define the where and how your career can go.

These seasoned veterans all used their leadership style to take them to the pinnacle in their profession and their expertise will help put you on the path to leadership success.

 photo of Karen Hayes  photo of Laura Kilpatrick Marchelos  photo of Ann McIntyre
Honorable Karen Hayes
U.S. Magistrate Judge
Western District of Louisiana
Laura Kilpatrick Marchelos
Kilpatrick Funeral Homes
Kilpatrick's Serenity Gardens
Ann McIntyre
McIntyre Law Office
Retired Judge
Louisiana 5th Judicial Circuit
MODERATOR: Ashley Doughty
Business Development Officer
First National Bank