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Telephone System

For campus telephone support, contact the Computing Center HelpDesk at 318-342-3333 to report a problem and have a support ticket placed.  Also, you may use computersos.ulm.edu to issue a support ticket online.

Spring 2016 Project

ULM is transitioning our Phone platform to a new technology called Voice over IP (VoIP).  This is a digital phone system that uses the campus network resources as the platform. We are contracted with AT&T for the back-end services as part of a State-wide contract that other agencies are also moving onto.  The Mitel (AT&T) phones connect to the office network jack and if an adjacent office/desktop computer is used, the computer will be connected to the secondary network port on the phone. Work has been progressing all Spring to configure this environment; but much work is still left to do.  As some of you are aware, the Computing Center is beginning to deliver new phones to offices.  We have a stringent migration schedule that is coordinated with AT&T. Our 1st wave of migrations will begin on April 25 and continue into June encompassing about 450 phone migrations. As timeframes near, your department will be notified about the progress of these migrations. The Computing Center has been working to mimic as much call feature settings as possible from the existing phone system.  After your new phone is activated and you become acquainted with its features, you may find some settings may be more efficient in another layout.  We will be open to those considerations only after the phone system migration has been completed and our IT Staff have time to review feature requests.

A list of migrated buildings is offered below.

Several important notes:


While on the new VoIP phones, you will need to make these calling pattern adjustments:

  • Off-campus long distance requires dialing 9+1+number

  • Dialing to an “old - nonported” campus number from the new phone, you will have to dial 9+7digits

  • As people across campus are converted, new phone to new phone calling only requires 4-digit dialing as before


We have compiled a series of self-paced short how-to videos for your reference here.


Legacy Phone System Info (eff. Nov 2016)

Information about the Audix campus telephone system.

Download linkAudix How To .pdf

Migrated Offices & Buildings

The list offered below was last updated 11/7/2016

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Library – President’s Office, Executive VP, Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, Library, Computing Center, Financial Aid, Registrar, Recruitment/Admissions, OPI, Internal Audit, EELE/IWTP, Career Connections, International Student Office, Aramark

Strauss Hall – Auxiliary Enterprises; School of Behavioral & Social Sciences; School of Health Professions

International Student Center

Brown Hall – University Planning & Analysis, School of Health Professions

Walker Hall – eULM, College of Arts, Education, & Sciences (including all Departments within), Assessment & Evaluation

University Suites – WIDS, LaCAP, Aramark/Starbucks, Residential Life

Bry Hall – School of Visual & Performing Arts

Student Health Center – Infirmary, Counceling Center

Schulze Café

Clarke Williams Student Success Center

Baseball Stadium, Softball Stadium, Brown Stadium, Tennis

Alumni Center

Malone Stadium & Fieldhouse – Football, Marketing, Compliance...

Fant-Ewing Coliseum - BasketBall

Golf House

Stubbs Hall – KXUL, LSBDC, VAPA

Hemphill Hall – College of Business & Social Sciences (including all Departments within)

Coenen Hall – Controller’s Office, Human Resources, Purchasing

Bienville Bldg - Pharmacy

Kitty Degree School of Nursing - Nursing, School of Health Professions

Hanna Hall - Graduate School, Sponsored Programs, School of Sciences

Chemistry & Natural Science Bld - Environmental Analysis Lab, School of Sciences

Construction Bld - School of Construction Management

Foundation Bld - University Advancement

Band Building, Biedenharn Hall, Brown Annex - School of Visual and Performing Arts

Sugar Hall - CHPS Dean's Office, School of Health Professions, School of Pharmacy, Tumor Registry

Caldwell Hall -  School of Health Professions