Standard 6

6a. Unit Leadership and Authority
6b. Unit Budget
6c. Personnel
6d. Unit Facilities
6e. Unit resources including technology
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Standard 6
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Exhibits Name

Exhibit 6a1.1 CEHD Organization Chart

Exhibit 6a1.2 University Organizational Chart

Exhibit 6a1.3 CEHD Committees

Exhibit 6a1.4 Council for Teacher Education

Exhibit 6a5.1 PK-16+ Advisory Council Members

Exhibit 6a2.1 Recruiting and Admission Policies; Publications and Related Materials

Exhibit 6a3.1 Examples of How the Unit Ensures Accuracy of Academic Calendars, Catalogs and Other Publication

Exhibit 6a4.1 Academic Advising Letter and Student Advising Sheet

Exhibit 6a4.2 ULM Student Counseling Cente

Exhibit 5b2.1 Standard 5 survey, questions 28

Exhibit 6b1.1 ULM and CEHD Student Enrollment

Exhibit 6b1.2 Unit Budget

Exhibit 6b2.1 Financial Support for Professional Development

Exhibit 6b2.2 CEHD Funded Grants ‘06-‘08

Exhibit 6b2.3 University Strategy Plan

Exhibit 6c1.1 Teaching Workloads; State Guidelines

Exhibit. 6c1.2 Faculty Teaching Loads Exceptions for Research and Special Projects; Excerpts from University Faculty Handbook

Exhibit 6c1.3 Advertisement for Open Faculty Positions

Exhibit 6c1.4 Faculty Teaching Loads; Excerpts from the CEHD Faculty Handbook

Exhibit 6c2.1 Faculty Workloads

Exhibit 6c3.1 Undergraduate Advising Materials by Departments

Exhibit 6c3.2 Graduate Advising Forms by Department

Exhibit 6c3.3 Collaboration

Exhibit 6c4.1 Part-Time Faculty Qualifications

Exhibit 6c4.2 Part-Time Faculty Degree, Years of Experience and Professional Area

Exhibit. 6c4.3 Orientation, Training and Mentoring of Part-Time Faculty

Exhibit 6c4.4 Part-Time Clinical Faculty Qualifications Table

Exhibit 6c5.1 Support Personnel by Department Table

Exhibit 6c6.1 College Professional Development Fund

Exhibit 6c6.2 International Education Tools for Success Conference

Exhibit 6d1.1 Strauss Hall Floor Plans and Pictures

Exhibit 6d1.5 Fant-Ewing Coliseum Floor Plans and Pictures

Exhibit 6d1.6 Additional Teaching Resources Department of Kinesiology

Exhibit 6d1.7 Kinesiology Human Performance Lab Facilities

Exhibit 6d1.2 Smart Classrooms Utilized by Faculty and Candidates

Exhibit 6d1.3 Collaborative Technology Venture Lab with Monroe City and CEHD

Exhibit 6d1.8 Professional Development Schools

Exhibit 6e1.1 Resource Allocation

Exhibit 6e1.2 Technology Resources and Use

Exhibit 6e4.1 Library Resources

Exhibit 6e5.1 Accessibility of resources