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A1. Planning
A2. Management
A3. Instruction
A4. Curriculum
A4. Curriculum: Reading
A4. Curriculum: Math
A5. Technology
A6. Professional Development
A7. School Improvement
B1. School and District Accountability
B2. Testing
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State Standard


A2. Management

Candidates in CURR 375B and CURR 500A complete a comprehensive assignment designed to demonstrate their knowledge of effective classroom management strategies and procedures.   This assignment is a Classroom Management Plan with contains a personal philosophy of classroom behavior management based upon behavioral theories/theorists, strategies for encouraging parental participation in the learning process, an explanation of how a positive classroom climate will be established, an explanation of strategies to address learner diversity, and a list of procedures, rules, consequences and rewards for their classroom. Advanced candidates in ELED 521 complete a Behavior Management Plan to demonstrate their knowledge of effective classroom management strategies and procedures.  It includes a classroom environment description, an explanation of how the students are conveyed pertinent information, cooperative group techniques and consequences. (Exhibit, sig piece for CURR 375B and 500A and ELED 521)

During field experience, clinical practice, and internship, candidates are observed and evaluated by their supervisors using the classroom observation rubric.  This rubric is based on the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching and includes components from the domains of planning, management, and instruction.

(Exhibit 1c1.1 Undergraduate Signature Assessment Description, Rubrics and Data)
(Exhibit 1b1.1 MAT Signature Assessment Description, Rubric & Data)
(Exhibit 1b2.1 M.Ed. Signature Assessment, Description, Rubric & Data)