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A1. Planning
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A3. Instruction
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A4. Curriculum: Reading
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A5. Technology
A6. Professional Development
A7. School Improvement
B1. School and District Accountability
B2. Testing
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B1. School and District Accountability

Although issues relating to the impact of high-stakes testing on students and teachers are infused into all coursework, state, district and school accountability systems are specifically addressed in the following courses and programs: Elementary EDFN 401; Secondary CURR 303; M.A.T. EDFN 401; EDLE 500. In these courses, candidates investigate documents, data, and procedures used in the Louisiana School and District Accountability System (LSDAS). For examples, in CURR 303 candidates investigate and use documents pertaining to the appropriate grade level expectations (GLEs) to write lesson plans. As part of classroom activities in EDFN 401, candidates discuss how the LSDAS relates to current legislation (NCLB), and in EDLE 500 candidates examine how LSDAS determines performance labels and growth targets of local school systems.

(Exhibit 1c1.1 Undergraduate Signature Assessment Description, Rubrics and Data)
(Exhibit 1b1.1 MAT Signature Assessment Description, Rubric & Data)
(Exhibit 1b2.1 M.Ed. Signature Assessment, Description, Rubric & Data)