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Paula Thornhill, Director of eULM

Commitment to Distance Learners

eULM wants you to finish what you started. Take the first step, and contact us today.

"Earning a college degree is much more than simply having a diploma; it is an opportunity to choose one’s own path. I am proud to be a part of a movement that has broken down the barriers and has extended opportunities to learn and succeed beyond the four traditional classroom walls. I am continuously inspired by the determination of our students to attain their goal of earning a degree. Many of our students juggle family and work responsibilities but remain steadfast in their academic journey. It is a privilege to be a small part of their success story." - Paula Thornhill

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is committed to offering a quality academic experience to online and on campus students. ULM students who learn online earn the same degree as our face-to-face students from an accredited and respected institution of higher learning. The Office of eULM was established, because we understand that the needs of on campus learners and online learners are different. eULM is committed to providing a support system for ULM students who are learning online. We are eager to provide assistance, guidance, and encouragement throughout your journey to begin your first degree, finish what you started, or continue by earning a master degree.

Start your journey with the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and realize your dream of earning a degree.  Go the distance without going the distance; you don’t have to come to ULM to go to ULM.