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Pharmacy Council is comprised of all College of Pharmacy student organization Presidents and students class representatives.  The Council was established to promote the general welfare and best interest of the college, to coordinate and collaborate between the various interest groups within the college, to provide for the expression of student opinions on all matters of interest to students, and to develop a meaningful exchange of ideas between students, staff, faculty, and administration.

Purpose of Pharmacy Council

  1. To promote organizational activities of the College.
  2. To provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed within the College of Pharmacy
  3. To enhance communication and collaboration between professional and social organizations within the College.
  4. To serve as a coordinating link between the students, faculty and administration of the School to enhance the quality and scope of education within the College of Pharmacy.
  5. To provide for the academic, professional and general welfare of the students within the College.


President Hannah Daniel
Vice President Abigail Gould
Secretary Annalise Labatut
Treasurer Peyton Remy
Historian Clare Olin
Advisor Ms. Mary Rhea

Council Class Representatives

P4 Class
  Corey Guidry
  Quy Tran
P3 Class
  Alana Klingman
  Raisa Howard
  Kaitlyn Dupuis
  Morgan Johnson
P2 Class
  Vivian Nguyen
  Abby Thibodeaux
  Ryan Grant
  Josh West
P1 Class  
  Chelcie LeMaire
  Bryce Parker
  Kobi Cameron
Modified Progress
  Jordan Moss
  Shannon Stewart



Council Sponsored Events





Organizational President or Representative

APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP)
President Alex Grezaffi
Advisors Dr. Anthony Walker
  Dr. Stephen Hill
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI)
President Trent Gordan
Advisor Dr. Savannah Posey
Kappa Epsilon (KE)
President Haley McDaniel
Advisors Dr. Laurel Sampognaro
Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists (LSHP) 
President Mary Walton
Advisor Dr. Jessica Brady
National Community Pharmacists Association and the Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association (NCPA-LIPA) 
President Jonathan Landry
Advisor Dr. Connie Smith
Pharmacy Alumni Liaisons (PALs) 
President Kelsi Sullivan
Phi Delta Chi (PDC) 
President Jonathan Landry
Advisors Dr. Michael Cockerham
  Dr. Lance Nickelson
  Dr. Greg Smith
Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) 
President Abigail Gould
Advisor Dr. Roxie Stewart
Rho Chi  
President Savannah Parker
Advisors Dr. Michelle Zagar
Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNAPhA)  
President Raisa Howard
Advisors Dr. Keith Jackson
  Dr. Alexis Horace