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Staff Senate

Staff Senate Elections


The Staff Senate election were held April 20 - 21, 2016.

Any full-time unclassified employee represented by the Office of the Executive Vice President or the Office of Student Affairs, regardless of hire date, were eligible to vote in this election. All other Staff Senate seats in the remaining Organizational Units were filled by acclimation.

Please note that some unclassified employees who hold faculty rank are also represented by the Staff Senate, as their current job position does not match the “General Faculty” definition per Article III of the ULM Faculty Senate Constitution.

List of new Staff Senators


Why should you participate in the Staff Senate? Good question!

If you are interested in promoting the general welfare of the university, providing input on issues impacting staff and encouraging communication across campus, consider becoming involved as a senator. Meetings of the Staff Senate are held once per month during the academic year (August – May). Senate meetings are normally one hour in length.

All meetings take place during regular working hours. Senators are encouraged to become involved in one of several committees that have been established. The work of these committees takes place outside of regular senate meetings. The time required of committee members varies depending on the focus and charge.

Make a difference at ULM and consider nominating yourself or a colleague for a Senate Seat.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the Staff Senate members