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File a Complaint

To file a complaint of harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking or retaliation complete the following online form: Complaint Reporting Form
To file an appeal to the "Charges" and/or "Sanctions"  for Harassment, Discrimination (including Sexual Misconduct), and Retaliation complete the online form: Appeal Form

Students or employees without computer access to file an online complaint may file a written complaint and forward to:

Pamela Jackson
Student Center, Room 239

Complaint Options

Individuals may file an informal or formal complaint.

Informal Complaint

If an informal resolution is desired and appropriate, the university will carry out the appropriate steps to resolve the complaint informally, unless determined a formal investigation is required. If an individual wishes to discuss a specific incident without filing a complaint, he or she should contact:

Pamela Jackson
Student Center, Room 239

Informal Resolution is not acceptable for acts of sexual violence or sexual assault.

Formal Complaint

A formal complaint involves an investigation of the complainant’s allegations. The purpose of the investigation is to establish whether a reasonable basis exists to believe the Sexual Misconduct Policy has been violated.

If the conduct is criminal in nature, immediately contact the University Police Department or the Police Department of the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

University Police can be reached at Fihiol Hall, 3811 DeSiard Street, 318-342-5230 or 1-911 for emergencies.