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Department of Internal Audit

Report Suspicious/Improper Activity
or Submit Internal Audit Request

You can anonymously report activity that you believe to be suspicious or improper. These may include ethics violations, ineffective or improper controls, accounting irregularities, financial impropriety, or non-compliance with University, State, or Federal policies and regulatory requirements. You may also submit a request for internal audit to provide assurance and consulting services for your office, department, or area.

You may do this by phone or by submitting this online form: Internal Audit Request Online Form


Or, if you wish to submit a paper copy, download the Internal Audit Request Form (docx), print it, and complete each field. You can remain anonymous by:

  1. Mailing your form -- Attn: Department of Internal Audit, 700 University Ave., University Library Rm 524, Monroe, LA 71209-2210

  2. Slipping the form beneath the door of University Library Rm 524


If you choose to report a concern in person, email Fernando Cordova, or use the regular Internal Audit phone line 342-1537.