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Office of Innovation and Research

The Office of Innovation and Research (OIR) is strategic rather than transactional. The OIR plays a critical role in driving change and new growth, cultivating innovation capabilities within ULM. OIR promotes the values of ULM while looking for innovative ways to engage students, faculty, and staff.

As Chief Innovation and Research Officer (CIRO), it is my job to think strategically by:  


  • Building, enhancing, and growing an innovation ecosystem across all university departments, improving entrepreneurial capabilities, and providing services normally associated with business incubators to stimulate innovation;
  • Actively engaging with potential partners in government, finance (mainly private equity and venture capital), business, philanthropy, and the scientific community to promote investment in research and innovation and to link entrepreneurs to potential funders;
  • Increasing discovery outcomes by encouraging multidisciplinary and multidepartment collaborations;
  • Linking university ventures to outside business incubators; and
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial and innovative culture across the department.



A Federal Grants Compliance Training
for State & Local Governments!

-links to www.federalgrantsforum.com for info


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"I want to challenge our university and community to always do more to advance science, invent new technologies, and power new markets and industries.  We have dynamic staff, faculty and students that are looking for opportunities to make a difference."


Dr. John Sutherlin
Chief Innovation & Research Officer