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Quality Enhancement Plan

Goal and Outcomes


QEP Goal

The overarching goal of the QEP will be to improve academic performance in gateway science courses. ULM will monitor two measures to assess the overall success of the QEP goal:


QEP Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for the QEP can be broken into two broad categories: critical thinking skills and discipline-specific knowledge. The student learning outcomes for critical thinking will align with those indicated by scores on the Critical Thinking Assessment Test (CAT). The QEP implementation committee developed a mnemonic to reflect the student learning outcomes for discipline-specific knoweldge: Formulate,Observe, Communicate, Use, and Synthesize. Together, these outcomes will demonstrate a development of critical thinking skills as well as content-specific knowledge.


 Student Learning Outcomes for Critical Thinking (as defined by the CAT, (https://www.tntech.edu/cat/about/skills):



Student Learning Outcomes for Content Knowledge:

Student Taking Notes