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Who may participate in the Region III Science & Engineering Fair?


We are looking for the top projects from your school fair from grades 5-12 and recommend sending only students who are overall fair winners or who place at the top of your fair
categories (1st & 2nd places only or 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places).  We understand that some categories may have several excellent projects while other categories may have poor projects. 
Therefore, the final decision is left to the school fair director to determine which projects best represent the excellence of their school. Please make sure all your Regional participants complete the online registration process by the January 27, 2023 deadline so that we have plenty of time to evaluate their status. We request that the science fair school director enter all student registrations online; however, please be sure to enter the correct spelling for names. Also, make sure your 5th graders understand that they are not eligible to progress to the state science fair until they reach 6th grade, but we invite them to participate at the regional fair to gain experience and confidence for next year.


How do participating students register?


Each participating student/team will need to complete the Region III website registration application to include information necessary for SRC review. The form is located at here.  They will then need to complete online registration immediately after your school fair. You may ask that each student register individually or you may register online for each student, but please make sure
that the online information entered matches their information paper form exactly.


How much is the registration fee?


The fee for each student (individual or team) participating at the Region III Science and Engineering Fair is $10. The registration fee may
be paid by check or money order only and made out to The University of Louisiana at Monroe. Include “Region III Science & Engineering Fair” (R3SEF) in the “notes” section of the check. Please send payment as soon as possible after the online registration is completed.  If your school is paying the fee for all students with one check, please include a list of students’ names that are covered in the payment. Payment must be received 
no later than 11 am on Friday, January 27, 2023


What forms should be sent?


There are a number of forms required from each participant.  The required forms are detailed on the website at http://ulm.edu/sciencefair.  Please note that in addition to the ISEF forms, the R3SEF Student/Project Information Form must be included for each student and team members. NOTE: Attached are the Intel rule updates or revisions
from last year. Several required forms have been revised as well and can be found in the 
2022-2023 Intel ISEF International Rules and Guidelines. 


Each participating project must send ONE copy of each project-required form to the science fair office, including the R3SEF Instruction Sheet attached, for each student. You may scan your forms and email them as a PDF document to doke@ulm.edu.   
IMPORTANT: Do not send the originals of the forms to our office—these are to be kept by the teacher or the student and brought to the fair. Students can send the forms individually, but it is usually easier to receive the forms from your school via email as PDF documents.


Please check the forms very carefully for completeness and accuracy before you send them, including all signatures and properly executed approval dates.  Due to the
tight timeline, sending incomplete or incorrect forms could jeopardize a student’s participation in the fair. Please contact one of the R3SEF Committee Members if you have questions pertaining to projects in each of their areas of expertise.


Other useful information and copies of all forms can be found at the Intel ISEF Document Library at:  https://student.societyforscience.org/forms


Where forms should be sent?


The forms should be scanned and emailed to doke@ulm.edu as PDF documents.


If necessary, you may mail or hand deliver:

R3SEF - ULM School of Sciences Office

 Attn: Telitha Doke

School of Sciences Office

3908 Northeast Drive

CNSB 310

Monroe, LA 71203


For hand-delivery:  Exit onto 165-N from I-20. Continue North to Northeast Drive (Light at Taco Bell) and take a Right onto campus. Continue to the first stop light at Northeast Drive and University Drive. The blonde building to your immediate right is the Chemistry & Natural Sciences Building (CNSB). Proceed to the Northwest corner of the third floor to the offices in room 310, the sign on the outside of the building can be seen to the right as you pass the building from Northeast Drive. The School of Sciences Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-5pm and 7:30-11am Friday.


If you have questions, please email doke@ulm.edu (Telitha Doke).


What will be done with the required forms I send for my students?


Upon submission, forms for each student will be forwarded to the R3SEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC). Once the SRC has completed its review, you will be notified
via email if there is a problem with your students’ required forms.  Given the volume of projects; SRC review may take a week. Please make sure all students have registered online so that we may begin the review process and have contact information for additional questions or


What else do I need to know?


Students who register to attend R3SEF will receive a confirmation notice when they submit their information during the online registration process.