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Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Plan of Study

All graduate student in the Master’s of Speech Language Pathology are required to complete a minimum of 54 credit hours of graduate study. The course requirements include

Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Courses:
5005 (Research in Speech-Language Pathology)
5020 (Seminar in Articulation)
5025 (Stuttering Research and Remediation)
5028 (Language Disorders in Children)
5030 (Speech-Language Pathology Diagnostics, Birth-Five)
5042 (Voice Disorders)
5060 (Augmentative/Alternative Communication)
5061 (Seminar in Oropharyngeal Involvement)
5070 (Seminar in the Profession)
5076 (Clinical Practicum)
5077 (Audiology for the Speech-Language Pathologist)
5081 (Internship, School Site)
5086 (Internship, Medical Site)
5091 (Research Projects)
5150 (Seminar in Aphasia and Motor Speech Disorders)
5152 (Seminar in Cognition and Related Communication Disorders)

Full requirements can be found in our ULM Course Catalog- http://catalog.ulm.edu/index.php



Fall Year 1

SPLP 5020 Articulation (1st 8 Weeks)

SPLP 5005 Research (2nd 8 Weeks)

SPLP 5028 Language Disorders in Children

SPLP 5150 Seminar in Aphasia and Motor Speech Disorders

SPLP 4090 (if necessary) Neurophysiology

SPLP 5076 (1) Clinic Site I (1 Client)


Total = 13 hours (16)


Spring Year 1

SPLP 5152 Seminar in Cognition and Related Communication Disorders

SPLP 5030 Language 0-5 Years: Diagnostics

SPLP 5077 Audiology for the SLP

SPLP 5091 (1) Research Project

SPLP 5152 Seminar in Cognition and Related Communication Disorders

SPLP 5076 (2) Clinic Site (2 Clients)


Total = 15 hours

Summer 1 Year 1

SPLP 5060 Aug./Alt. Communication

SPLP 5076 (2) Clinic Site I (1 client)

Total = 5 hours

Summer 2 Year 1

SPLP 5070 Professional Issues

SPLP 5076 (2) Clinic Site I (1 Client)

Total = 5 hours

Fall Year 2

SPLP 5042 Voice Disorders

SPLP 5061 Oropharyngeal Involvement

SPLP 5076 Clinic Site I (3 hours) 3-4 Clients


Total = 9 hours

Apply for internship

Register for graduation for spring semester

Winter Session Year 2

SPLP 5081 School Internship = 8 weeks intensive (4) Total = 4 hours (Begin December and continue into January/February).

Spring Year 2

SPLP 5086 Medical Internship = 8 Weeks intensive (4) Total = 4 hours


Comprehensive Exam


This is a recommended sequence and may require modification based on individual student needs. No program will be shorter than recommended though some may be longer. Internship applications are accepted only after successful completion of SPLP 5076 requirement and faculty vote. Placement for SPLP 5081 and SPLP 5086 are assigned by the Internship Coordinator. Local placement is not guaranteed. Students will register for each semester of SPLP 5076 in the Summer 1 and Summer 2. Needs for summer SPLP 5076 will be determined in the prior spring semester. Meetings with your major advisor are required each semester.



Clinical Requirements

Masters students are required to register for clinical practicum every semester of study (spring admits do not have clinical practicum during the first fall). Students must complete a minimum of 325 clock hours of clinical practicum at the graduate level. Students should refer to the Clinical Education Handbook for additional requirements and policies related to clinical practicum.

Comprehensive Examination Requirement

All students must pass the Comprehensive Examination process for this Master’s degree program. Please see the program handbook for complete details.