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The Insurance Industry Talent Gap

As an insurance professional, you know all too well that the industry is facing a significant and somewhat alarming talent crisis over the next 20 years. With half the work-force retiring in the next 10 - 15 years, you need a talent pool like ULM RMI graduates who are have completed the rigorous requirements of our program and are well-prepared to begin their RMI careers. They understand the long-term benefits of working in the RMI industry and are certain to be committed and driven employees.  They also have the knowledge and creativity that many of us admire in the millennial generation.

This page is dedicated to helping you (as RMI professionals) help us to recruit outstanding students and to prepare them to immediately add value to your organization.  We also answer  many of the most commonly asked questions we receive from RMI industry professionals.  Please contact  Dr. Christine Berry if you have further questions.


Rebecca and Brice

The ULM Risk Management program needs your support to continue to meet the talent
needs of the risk management and insurance industry.  The program is now has over 130 majors and is quickly becoming one of the largest RMI programs in the country.  With an emphasis on property and casualty, insurance distribution and underwriting, and surplus lines and reinsurance, most of our students work in production, underwriting or claims and many work in the surplus lines. 

Help us get the word out by donating to one of the following initiatives.  Your organization will be promoted on our website and you will get direct access to our students. With your help, we will continue to recruit and develop to help to fill the insurance industry talent gap.  

Some of the events/activities you can support include:

Connecting with ULM RMI Majors/Graduates

Industry Professionals often contact our program wondering how they can meet and learn more about our students. Below are some examples of ways you can connect with our students in addition to supporting our program financially.

  • 2017 Risk and Insurance Talent Search Participation 
    • Information coming soon
  • Graduating Senior Bios
    • Information coming soon
  • 2016-2017 ULM Gamma Iota Sigma Resume Book 
  • Speak at GIS Meeting
  • Conduct On-Campus Interviews
    • On -campus interviews are reserved for companies/other organizations who have supported our programs; contact Dr. Christine Berry for more information