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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Program

available at participating high schools, not including summer sessions

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is pleased to offer courses for college credit through the Dual Enrollment Program for high school students. The program allows students to earn college credit while enrolled in a class taught by their high school faculty or taught online by ULM faculty.

*Students participating in the Dual Enrollment Program are not allowed to receive talent grants, academic scholarships or dependent fee waivers.


Louisiana Board of Regents Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements for 2018-2019 (effective Fall 2018):

1. Address the Louisiana Core 4 curriculum

2. Minimum 2.5 OVERALL high school GPA (goes up to 2.75 effective Fall 2019)

3. Minimum English ACT of 18*

4. Minimum MATH ACT of 19*

*HS students who meet other readiness indicators but are in need of remediation must be making progress to address the necessary remediation to enroll in ANY course on the Articulation Matrix:

▪ Students with an ACT sub score of <18 in English who meet all other requirements may enroll in a MATH course if they concurrently address the reading/writing deficiencies.

▪ Students with an ACT sub score of <19 in MATH who meet all other requirements may enroll in English, Foreign Language, History, Introductory Social Science, Humanities, &/or Fine Arts Survey courses if they concurrently address the Mathematics deficiencies.

Addressing deficiencies includes continuing HS courses, increasing ACT sub scores, and/or successfully completing remedial college courses.

▪ Before enrolling in ANY course on the Master Articulation Matrix in the Spring semester of the Senior year in high schoolstudents MUST demonstrate readiness in both English & Mathematics

High schools must provide proof of eligibility prior to the beginning of the Senior-year Spring semester:

English sub score 18+ AND Math sub score 19+

College credit in required remedial course