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Federal Work-Study (04) is a federally subsidized work program, which provides on-campus employment opportunities to eligible undergraduate and graduate students with financial need.  To be considered for this program, students must complete the FAFSA.   Some campus departments may hire students through the Campus Work Program (03).  This program works the same as the Federal Work Study Program except the FAFSA application is not necessary.

More information about the Work-Study Program and its policies can be found in the Student Employment Manual

Job Locations for the Fall 2016 semester


Job Title: Athletic Videographer

Department Name: Athletic Video Department

Name of Group or Unit within Department: Sports Video

Job Location: Malone Stadium

Period: Fall 2016, Spring 2017

Flexible Scheduling? Yes

Number of Openings: 1

Hourly Pay Rate: 7.25

Job Position: 04- Federal Work Study

Supervisor Name & Title: Jonny Saterfield - Director of Athletic Video Services

Phone: 318-355-3895

Email: saterfield@ulm.edu

Purpose of Job:  Our purpose is to shoot practices and games of multiple sports at ULM. Most commonly football. baseball. softball, and men's/women's basketball.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:  Attend and shoot every football practice (Tue,Wed, Thur) of every week this fall.  Also being in attendance for every home football game and traveling to some away games is required.  The spring sports (basketball, baseball, softball) will be divided up among the video staff, so attendance to every game is not required.

Job Qualifications:  Camera experience as well as computer or video editing skills are preferred, but not required.  At minimum, a basic knowledge and interest of the three main sports we will be working with is required.


Job Locations for the Spring 2017 semester