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Hiring Procedures

Classified pdf
Unclassified pdf (non faculty)
University Police pdf

ULM Hiring Policy (ULS M-18) pdf

Hiring Procedures For Academic Colleges and Academic Affairs:

For hiring faculty and unclassified employees in the Colleges of:

• Arts, Education, and Sciences

• Business and Social Sciences

• Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Academic Colleges pdf

For hiring unclassified employees in these Academic Affairs areas of:

• Assessment & Evaluation

• Extended Learning and Quality Enhancement

• eULM

• Graduate School

• Library

Procedures currently being updated, will post when available

For questions regarding Academic Colleges or Academic Affairs Departments hiring procedures, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 318-342-1025.

For questions regarding all other hiring procedures, contact the Office of Human Resources at 318-342-5140.

You Be the Judge II

Interviewing Techniques Training Video

The You Be the Judge II video is used as training aid for faculty and staff appointed to an employment search committee on behalf of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. All faculty and staff on search committees are required to view the video and have an understanding of interviewing techniques mentioned in the video.

The training video is based on an organization being sued due to discrimination activities during the interview process. The video discusses how statements and questions which are not acceptable during the interview process are used throughout the court case and covers the following interviewing techniques:

•  Adverse impact discrimination

•  Protected classes with regard to discrimination.

•  Using job requirements preventing disability issues.

•  Addressing the proper approach to employment eligibility avoiding unintentional racial bias.

•  Addressing job requirements and experience to prevent age discrimination.

•  Addressing questions of arrests or convictions and how to apply questions to the job requirements.

•  Establishing equal interview time for all applicants.

•  Documenting all interviews and making sure all questions and comments are directly related to the job requirements.

•  Use of interviewing notes written by the interviewer(s).

•  Use of structured interviews – identifying prior to the interview the knowledge, skills and ability required for the position; importance of job related interview questions and using the same questions for all candidates; avoiding spontaneous comments which do not relate to the position.

•  Hiring decision based on objective factors.